‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Releases Trailer


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if you had a ps3 or xbox 360 in 2010 I probably don’t have to tell you a bad red dead redemption the massively popular game from Rockstar featured open-world gameplay much like rockstars other game series Grand Theft Auto and on October 20th fans of red dead redemption delighted in the first trailer for the next installment in the Red Dead series the trailer just over a minute long highlights detailed wildlife scenery a train chugging along and classic wild Western store fronts but the trailer for red dead redemption two leads much unknown a storyline is only briefly hinted at as a gang of cowboys on horses charge the camera pre-orders are currently available for the ps4 and xbox one gains a specific release it hasn’t been be given but the games website says it will be available fall 2017 are you excited for red dead redemption to let us know in the comments below newsbeat social i’m christelle kamui .

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