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Games New 2 Me please like and Subscrib hey guys Rob here for games new 2 me welcome back to what will undoubtedly be a leak tacular video so first we had the Nintendo switch price and released eight week which I did a video on and we’ll link in the description down below now a new week but this one is about the release date of red dead redemption to this week also comes to us courtesy of another online retailer who may have jumped the gun beyond the original story that is making the rounds on the internet i have some screen grabs of my own that may add weight and legitimacy to the release date for possibly the hottest title of 2017 so what’s going on Rockstar the game development studio behind such games of “Grand Theft Auto” as well as “Red Dead Rredemption” as well as its much-anticipated sequel “Red Dead Rredemption 2” haven’t given even a hint of details regarding any release date for the game the only thing we’ve been told through official channels was that the game would be released sometime late this year most likely in the fall of 2017 but unlike talking to the press retailers get the scoop on expected release date of games early under the condition that they of course not release that information to the public the reason shops and online stores get told of release date for video games so they can plan future sales & bundles and special offers as well as marketing materials and promotional adverts to go along with the game upon its official release these things need to be planned out ahead of time so it’s important for retailers to know this information way ahead of everyone else in order to have the best possible promotional timeline for selling the most copies of the product I mean you can’t just print and add thing hey come in and buy red dead redemption to sometime in the next couple of months you get bluetooth no traffic and your failed as compared to your competitors would go down the tubes but screw-ups to happen and members go on read and people make mistakes and things just happen sometimes things like British online retailer littlewoods off bring pre-orders for red dead redemption to and there r dr to product page appears to have a release date for when people who pre-ordered the game can actually get it hello so we come to learn that the customers pre-ordering game by a little woods will seemingly get the game scheduled for delivery on october second 2017 that’s a monday for anyone interested for what ever feasible reason now it has been suggested on several websites that it’s entirely possible that the date on the website for delivery of red dead redemption to might be a placeholder which is absolutely possible and you know what even feasible and beyond that probably likely but let’s continue here here’s the thing go as soon as I became aware of the story i went to littlewoods website to see what i could find and i found that the date had been changed whereas before the date was for october second 2017 the new date listed seems very generic by comparison and definitely looks like a placeholder as it now reads December 29th 2017 I took screen captures of the website to show you guys so have a look at the changes so what can we extrapolate from all of this well it’s entirely possible that this is just a rumor and that the date originally shown was just a placeholder and that nobody should make a big deal out of this and that would be a prudent thing to do while i 100% stress that this is all rumor and innuendo the date change since the story started trending seems to indicate that someone screwed up and publish the actual or tentative release date that rock star game gave to retailers think about it this way for a moment if the date they originally published was just an arbitrary placeholder then why would they suddenly go back and change it to a different arbitrary date it doesn’t make sense it doesn’t make sense to change out one place holder for another the only way the pieces of the puzzle fit together is that the original date shown was the likely date that Rockstar gave to retailers if I were running little wood and knew that the date on my website was just an arbitrary placeholder date in the first place I might actually enjoy the free press that my site is getting by simply leaving the original placeholder date up on the site however if that date was legitimately the one told to me by rockstar on a penalty of death kind of situation and i divulged it I be changing that date in a big hurry let’s make one thing perfectly clear no this is not earth shattering news in fact it’s not even really news it’s one hundred percent speculation and rumor and I want to treat it as such so just think of this as a curiosity of sorts and don’t put too much weight on this information i’m discussing it in this video simply as a curiosity and definitely not definite proof of anything and certainly not legitimate news so what do you guys think about this i mean let me know in the comments section below do you think that little wood screwed up and published a real date and they panic and switched it to a very arbitrary looking placeholder date or do you think it was an arbitrary date that they just decided to change too i don’t know dispel any rumors so yeah this isn’t earth shattering or anything and it’s not definitive in any way but it’s a fun distraction thank you so much for watching guys it means a lot to me and I thank you for it to my subscribers thank you all for your support every comment every tweet every private message and email is more deeply appreciated and I can tell you best way I can describe it is as humbling if you’re new to my channel just stumbled across this video or just stumbled across me won’t you hit that candy-colored subscribe button give me a fighting chance to win you over you’ll not only be helping to grow a fantastic and wonderful community of gamers you’ll not only have my deepest and most sincere gratitude but most importantly to you you’ll always be notified whenever a new video goes up on the channel this is rob four games to me saying just remember it’s all just a rumor until next time guys be good to each other and i’ll catch you next time take care bye bye

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