Q&A – Chelsea vs Manchester United 2016 – PART 1 (Preview interviews with the stars! 1-1)


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Welcomes of Q&A with Chelsea bus company and Manchester United iron maratona prank call Josie and say you want him back Lord altar it’s wrong huh I have made a terrible mistake I want you back culture will I am what hair gel do you use one that schlong terry recommended prettyboy 401 hot dogs dried on gigs can you watch your chest hair who one step Kali da Dougie Freedman when yoga what do you think of care sighs wrapping him is rough on us good but I like this book it also both the eagle costly coffee better miles Paul war Hirst eaten hazardous how did you get your cloak of invisibility you who said that Gloves champ Oscar I think you’re in the wrong place you should be in actors hands mark Italy why not make an American Pie reboot with Memphis depay and try it on gigs ah REITs or easy mr Mackey win the ogre what does your family look like Vicks VapoRub gameplays Vicks VapoRub long Terri what is your reaction a chelsea ghost company not extending your contract I totally respect their decision Zac Coronation Street Jul face vs.

Falcao and Andy Johnson three can cost to fight face Jones what Willis for me between Chelsea and Mannion it–if comment below and boffin in there part two of this Q&A will be out tomorrow there were just so many good questions so thanks I should go Kate 2015 matter cheating Oh someone call an ambulance I think he’s dead .

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