Piers Morgan’s Open Letter To Trump Is All Kinds Of…

Piers Morgan wrote an open letter to Donald Trump for the Daily Mail with advice on how to get his rapidly deteriorating campaign back on track, and you guys, I normally can’t stand Piers Morgan, but this letter is totally awesome. I’ve reposted it in its entirety below.

Dear Donald, You’re in trouble. Big trouble.
This has been the worst week of your presidential campaign so far and everyone knows it. Including, I suspect, you – even if you’d rather garrotte yourself than admit it.
The polls do lie, but rarely do all of them lie at exactly the same time to this scale. You’re suddenly down 10pts and that’s a big gap (though not insurmountable, Obama was 10pts down to John McCain in September 2008).
It’s clear that Hillary got a massive bounce from her Democratic convention and she’s not only holding it but growing it as your Trump Train has hurtled off the rails.

Of course, every candidate in every presidential campaign careers off course at some point.
It’s the nature of the beast, particularly as election day closes in and the U.S. media fully extends its vicious, unsparing talons. Your big mistake was to go after the Khan family.Nobody, not even your closest friends and supporters, could find any convincing way to defend you from attacking the grieving parents of an American military hero.
Your critics swiftly moved in…