Patriots Fever Takes Over Foxboro


American Today News

Patriots nation is ready for the team’s seventh straight AFC championship game sandesh wbz’s lease aggressive Oaks in Foxborough are ready to scrap all this hype and get to the game all around Foxborough you can certainly feel the excitement everyone rallying around the Patriots for tomorrow’s game oh yeah it always is around him walking inside with the Commons neighborhood eatery it doesn’t take long to figure out which team they’re rooting for banners balloons you name it go Patriots or go home we started doing it last year and so we decided to beginning of the season put them back up again and then the balloons and the extra stuff come out for the playoffs owner Alma Zico hears it all morning long everyone buzzing about the big game some already have some predictions going will it be the Jaguars or the Patriots Pats by a million josephine e who grew up in Foxborough has it down to the score say Patriots 35 Jaguars 14 the biggest talker this weekend t b12 s hand the hand just becomes very comical I think PT says when it comes to the New England Patriots everyone in Foxborough has a sense of pride oh all the time I mean it’s not I mean not every day it’s as B definitely a really great team they’ve been really good for so many years so it’s just unbelievable back here at Patriots plays fans don’t think the Patriots are done quite yet wishing them the best of luck ahead of tomorrow’s game reporting in Foxborough Lisa groshi’ WBZ news

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