BREAKING: Wikileaks Uncovers Something That Could Put Trump-Hating John McCain IN PRISON

Arizona Senator John McCain has been very vocal about how much he dislikes President Trump. Unfortunately for McCain, WikiLeaks has uncovered something shocking and illegal from his past! According to the open-source media organization, McCain’s presidential campaign in 2008 sent a letter to Vitaly Churkin, the then Russian ambassador to the

What Donald Trump Just Said On Fox News Will Make Elizabeth Warren Start CRYING Tears Of Fear!

Last night on “Watter’s World,” President Trump told Jesse Watters that it would be a “dream” to run against goofy Elizabeth Warren. During the interview on FOX News, Trump said that the idea of running against Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren would be very fun for him. He said that it would

BREAKING: Motorist At White House Checkpoint Claims To Have A Bomb

This  story is now developing: ... President Trump is currently in Florida. This info is being corroborated by CNN and the Guardian. source

Oh My GOD! What Canada Just Announced About Immigration Has Trump LAUGHING HIS ASS OFF!

President Trump told the country that Americans must come first and he is backing that statement by strictly enforcing our immigration laws. Trump’s “America First” stance has attracted a lot of criticism from other countries, especially our neighbors to the north, Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has previously said that he

FLASHBACK: Democrat Jimmy Carter Banned Iranians From Entering US And…

The left-wing courts are claiming President Donald Trump’s travel ban is unconstitutional. Except, Democratic President Jimmy Carter did the exact same thing and the courts approved of it then! Daily Wire reports: President Jimmy Carter took a similar action when he banned Iranians from entering the United States. After 52 Americans were taken