Orlando International Airport sees more tram troubles


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But first it happened again tram trouble at the Orlando International Airport causing chaos upsetting hundreds maybe thousands of passengers and delaying flights for the second time in just days a new tonight the airport says this could keep happening we push for answers oia tells us tonight they don’t know why the tram suddenly stopped again good evening to you I’m Erik von eicken thanks for joining us tonight the airport blames it on the technology the trams are brand new news six is matt Petrillo is live at the airport getting answers so Matt how is the airport getting results to stop this from happening again and what if it does well right now the airport is under a three billion dollar construction project and a spokesperson with the airport says during the construction there are some bugs that need to be worked out now if that tram car breaks down again he says that could very well happen but travelers today described the experience as a nightmare Terry Stobo was heading back home to Texas this afternoon after a weekend trip to Orlando with her husband they went through the TSA line at the Orlando International Airport when they saw a crowd of people packed by the trams more than 50 people missed their flights while the Tramp broke down for nearly an hour but an Airport spokesperson says the incident went smoother than what happened four days ago when the same tram car broke down for three hours affecting nearly 7,000 passengers some people had to wait for a shuttle buses or walk to the gate but since that Airport officials met and made changes today they made sure to raise up the volume on the intercom so travelers could hear what was happening more clearly and they opened the walkway faster – but Stovall says today was chaotic and everyone seemed confused from passengers to airport workers video of a trip gone bad you know that one is going tomorrow these days and who could forget that video of a passenger being dragged off of United Airlines flight from just a few weeks ago now today today’s incident did not turn violent and officials are trying to figure out just went wrong with that tram car we’re live at Oia Matt Petrillo your six so

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