Obama Hides His Birthday Party From The Public For Unbelievably Sickening Reason

To earn the support of the American public, Barack Obama has positioned himself as a champion of the middle class. When he was still a member of the Senate, he made himself relatable with discussions of flying coach, drinking beer, watching sports and driving a Chrysler.

While in the White House, his tastes have become increasingly lavish. The proof is in how he spent his most recent birthday.

According to the New York Times account of Obama’s 55th, the guest list looked suspiciously like “the one percent.” It’s no surprise that he kept the event secret from the media and urged attendees to stay silent.

Magic Johnson was just one of a number of stars who attended the function and ended up leaking the event. Grant Hill, Alonzo Morning, George Lucas, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder were among the guests. Also present was the deplorable “Reverend” Al Sharpton. The truth of the matter is that Obama is far departed from the “average American.” Just look at how carelessly he spends our hard-earned tax dollars.