Obama administration gives citizenship to 858 immigrants with…

It goes without saying we could be doing much better when it comes to illegal immigration. Just days ago news broke that the Department of Homeland Security had been been accused of sitting on information showing that the success rate of illegal aliens avoiding deportation is 158 percent higher than the official numbers claim.

The DHS claims to catch 80 percent of those trying to illegally cross the border, but sources say the unreleased information shows that half of those who attempt to cross the border succeed. Of course, if crossing the border doesn’t work out for them, they can instead be one of the 482,000 who overstayed their visas last year.

However, what about those who try to apply for citizenship? Who’s minding the store then?

The government is currently so inefficient at preventing questionable people from entering the country that accidental citizenship is now a problem. As Fox News reported (quoting the Associated Press):The U.S. government has mistakenly granted citizenship to […]