O preço de perder 6kg em 12 horas – UFC Fight Night 112 Oklahoma


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It’s Friday, 24 hours before weigh in Lets check my weight ♪ 198,5 lb and a little more I don’t remember anymore. My brain is not working right. So, I need to lose 13lb until tomorrow Let’s go eat all that I can eat What? Eat all that I can Ah, one egg and a strawberry Now, we begin this part, that’s a little harder Yes, I think it’s hardest day in this process To lose weigh Because now, I can only drink 0,02 gal per hour And my body asks for it, because I’m used to drinking a lot of water and my mouth is already dry I had some water in the morning and I started clocking it there’s 49 minutes left until the next 100 ml So I’m counting the hours and the minutes for the evening, to sweat it all out and to take this burden off my back.

It’s Friday. There are three hours left for me to start making the cut. The cut is made through two processes. In two parts. The first part, where I put a cape, I put on some Sweet Sweat, which is a product that helps me sweat faster. I put on a sauna cape and some clothes on top So, I do some light moving rounds, taking turns with a towel, they put many towels on top of me And I alternate between movement and some time under the towels. Movement, and time under the towels. I do that for a few minutes, and then I lose a lot of weight in this process, at least 6lbs, And then we move on to the second part which is the hot tub.

This is the most boring one, but it’s also the quickest and most effective one. It sucks because we suffer, the water is really hot, it needs to have a really high temperature to stimulate the body to sweat a lot. But that process is already… at the very end, only for what’s left to lose, and at that point you’re already dehydrated, so you need to be very careful But these things, you don’t just do them, you don’t do them for no reason, I have a doctor who is always monitoring me, Dr. Rodrigo Mauro, who is always with me. He’s in Brazil, but we’re always on WhatsApp, he’s monitoring me the entire time, my heart rate, everything. And I do the diet three months prior drinking a lot of water, being very careful, to get to this point and be able to do this the safest way possible. It’s not the ideal thing to do. We don’t want to sacrifice ourselves so much. But if I don’t do this, I’ll be in a disadvantage, because the other guys do it.

And when they fight, they’re 205 lb. My normal weight is 205 lb. But if I fit into the 205 lb category and I don’t drastically lose weight, I’ll fight against guys that are 220 to 227 lb. You know? I have to dive into this and do this whole process, which is tough, But at least I’ll fit into a fair category, a category… where I fight equally. That’s it. I look like Oil Man. You know Oil Man? Oil Man. Curitibano! A math teacher. What, the oil? Not the oil, the Sweet Sweat.

And now my clothes. After the clothes, the cape. After the cape, more clothes. So it’s nice and cozy. Like a motorcycle rider. Just like them! Test-drive Are you testing it? I’m testing. For now, it’s great. We’re strong. 4 lb left. So 8 are gone, right? Vegetables and lemon. The best meal is the one we have. And that was prepared with love. The next day And so, this is it. a.m. I’m here, weighing 189 lb! I still need to lose lb. Now, let’s move on to the last sacrifice, which is the hot tub. A really, really hot tub right now. I’ll take advantage to answer a question here. From a… Let me take advantage to answer a few questions. Before my coaches arrive… A little bit of mental confusion, typical from dehydration.

Before my coaches arrive let me answer a few questions here. That a lot of people asked through social media. Here is the thing. Why do fighters… Why is it common among fighters to lose all this weight right before the fight, on the last minute. Well, the answer to that is that if we lose weight through diet a long time before the fight, many weeks before the fight, that’s great, there’s no suffering. But then I’ll be fighting with too low of a weight. For example, if I go on a very long diet and very well programmed so I reach 185 lb one month before the fight, Then probably this is the weight I’m going to fight with. 185 lb. But the people who go through this dehydration, 24h before the fight, they’re going to fight weighing 202 to 205 lb. Which means they’re going to weight 17lb more than me. And that’s going to make a huge difference. That’s why we go through the dehydration process 24h to 30h prior to the fight. Because after, we recover all the weight and fight while weighing 202 lb. Understood? The towels again. There you go. Mission accomplished. First fight won. 185 lb. Now, in 30 minutes, I’ll get down and wait, because I want to be the first in line to be weighed.

And then after weighing myself, I’m clear to restart my diet. And get strong again. I have a request to make. And you would never refuse something to a dehydrated person, right? A person who is weak. Who hasn’t eaten ever since yesterday. If you like this whole process I’ve been showing, through these videos, please like this video and subscribe to my channel, because this season is about to be over, after this fight. But there will be other seasons, I’ll keep making the videos, I’ll keep showing you what a fighter’s life is like. And I hope you liked going through this journey with me. Now, it’s up to how much I trained and everything I know And I’ll give it my best, I’ll win this fight and keep going through this journey. Because what matters is the journey.

Greetings, everyone. Thank you very much To God To my family who has always supported me To everyone in my team who prepared me for this battle To my friends and fans who encouraged me through social media Special thanks to: My wife Paula, my son Igor, and my daughter Nina who are with me all the time, no matter where or when. We are always one… .

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