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Thank you for watching the NFL week 1 predictions of 2018 On today’s marble race. We have 16 teams competing for the week one matchup for the NFL season When your favorite teams start off week one victorious for this year’s 2018 NFL season. Here we go Let’s start this year’s week one marble race The first matchups going to feature Atlanta Falcons in the black against the world champion Philadelphia Eagles in the green Here we go. Philadelphia enters into the chute first comes out on top Looks like Atlanta has made an aggressive mood and dropped into the loop the first Philadelphia right behind Which teams gonna drop into the jump first looks like Atlanta’s drop it into the jump first They move on to the second loop d Philadelphia still on top there Finally Philadelphia enters into the second loopy, but Atlanta is already ready to drop down into the first circle Looks like Atlanta is going to come out on top Atlanta enters into the final string And yes, Atlanta is gonna come in first with the weak one They are going to upset the Philadelphia Eagles the world champions in week one Congratulations, Atlanta Next up is going to be buffalo vs Baltimore If you’re an Eagles fan, you have to be disappointed with the start of that season losing the first week to Atlanta Here we go.

The next race is off Ravens are in the white on the right side coming into the steps Looks like Buffalo’s right behind entering into the loop the first Baltimore looks like it might have slight advantage here to drop into the jump person. Yes, there goes the Ravens into the first jump Buffalo is gonna follow right behind now both teams are into the second jump the key to this is whoever can drop in first will Win, it looks like the Ravens are making their move. Here we go. Yes, the Ravens are entered in They’re going to come in first. They’re going to beat the Buffalo Bills in the first week of the NFL season Finally Buffalo is dropped in and comes in second.

What a fantastic start for the Ravens upsetting the bills in week one the Gray in the left. We have the Texans and the blue with the white stripe. We have New England here They go New England’s off, Texas inter in first Like Texas have a slight advantage coming down the stuff New England’s right behind them They both enter in soluti just about the same time. So that was a great job. I knew it wins make up some time Texans are circling New England’s right behind who’s gonna drop at first Texans drop into the second loop t they get the jump first and Right behind him to England Which team has made the most improvements for this first week in the NFL C It looks like Texans drop in Texans are gonna win They are going to upset New England in this first week of the NFL Wow Looks like New England has some work to do here on their offense in the in the next week or so Texans have upstate of New England and congratulations to the Texans Looks like next round will be Tennessee versus Miami Miami’s in the blue.

Tennessee’s and the brown No, looks like Tennessee has injured in first was right behind of is Miami They’re both going to Miami is going to enter into the loopy first. Miami remember is in the bright blue Tennessee’s gonna drop into the jump first Wow in Miami had the lead Tennessee has been super aggressive up top Miami’s still looking to go into the jump finally both teams are there But it looks like Tennessee has the advantage and they may drop in first.

And yes Tennessee will upset Miami in week 1 of the NFL season Congratulations to Tennessee, Miami finally makes its way down and Tennessee has made some great improvements there to beat Miami in the first week. Oh Wow, I’ve been waiting for this one. I’ve been watching harden axe all season We’ve got Cleveland on the right in the orange and the Steelers and the silver Here we go. Cleveland enters in first Cleveland’s on the right side Dillard’s looks like they’re both going into the loop about the same time Wow. The Browns have made some improvements. You can tell right away Crowds have circled into the jump. The Steelers are still up on top trying to figure out what’s going on The Browns have been super aggressive and finally the Steelers drop into the jump into the second Luke T The Browns have already went into the final phase here and the Browns will upset the Steelers They’ve made some huge improvements.

You can tell by watching Hard Knocks that the Browns were going to be prepared for this season they were not going to have a season like the last two and The Steelers have finally dropped into that Last phase here and congratulations to the Browns that GM has made quite the trades and improvements over the offseason. So here we go We’ve got Dallas against Carolina Dallas. Is it Green Carolina? I’m sorry Dallas is in the gray and Carolinas in light green Looks like Alice’s internet first Dallas is going down the first circle into this theft Carolina right behind them. They enter into the first loop B about the same time There is an advantage to drop it in first looks like Dallas is about to drop in.

Yes. They’re into the jump But as you can see there is but some teams have come down and knocked the other team out in the second loopy So here comes Carolina Dallas is circle in Dallas is going to drop in first Dallas is gonna have an easy victory against Carolina Looks like Dallas has made some great improvements in the off season They have easily defeated Carolina as Carolina works down the final phase here and we’re gonna see if this NFL week one prediction comes true between these two teams Alright, let’s get ready for Seattle versus Denver Denver’s the Red Seattle’s the clear marble Wow See how it has a great start Denver looks like it is caught up quickly coming down the steps yeah, they go in exactly the same time into the first loop t Looks like Seattle may be going slightly aggressive.

No Denver Denver looks like no see how it does Yes, see how it drops into the jump first It has a little bit of advantage on Denver urban Denver is right behind. I’m in turn into this one Look at Seattle drops in quickly does not even waste any time in that second loopy in Seattle will upset Denver Wow Great job and prepare for this week one Seattle has beaten Denver Denver given it gave its best shot because they did drop in pretty quickly to that second loopy But Seattle just didn’t waste any time. Whoa, here we go.

We got the Jets Against the Detroit Lions. Here we go Detroit is the clear and blue marble and the Jets are the light brown color Looks like both again are coming into the first loop D together Looks like the Jets may be circling. They’re making some weird moves. They’re going outside and inside I’m not sure they know what they’re doing here. Let’s see which team is prepared first They are right neck and Wow, one two into the second loop. It looks like Detroit in her different in first Remember Detroit is the clear blue and the Jets are the brown Detroit is circling fast Detroit’s gonna win Detroit has won this week one matchup against the Jets great job, Detroit And finally the Jets have entered into the final phase here and good job to detroit for Preparing for this week one NFL season next up. We’re gonna have the Rams in the green and Oakland in the brown All right, here we go the gates open looks like the Rams jump in first followed right behind by the Raiders Remember the RAM is the green color They’ve entered into the first loop be a little bit ahead of the Oakland Raiders there.

The Raiders are the darker team Let’s see, which team looks like the Rams gonna drop in first Oakland is taking their time just a little bit I thought they had to the advantage there but now Oakland drops into the second loop d the Rams are circling and yet the Rams are going to win this first week of the NFL season against the Oakland Raiders and The Oakland Raiders looks like they have some improvements to make here between this first and second week Well, let’s see if this prediction comes true What a fantastic marble race so far. If you like it, please give us a thumbs up. Oh, here we go We’ve got Chicago Bears against the Green Bay Packers Green Bay is in the yellow Chicago’s in the burnt orange. Here we go Green Bay enters in first followed right behind by the Bears Both teams come down the steps simultaneous Green Bay is the yellow team. They’re pretty bright Oh looks like Green Bay bumps into the ferns They go to the jump first what an aggressive move by the Packers, the Bears are still up top They don’t know what to think Green Bay just bumped into the Bears and moved right down the jump That was some fantastic offseason preparation by the Packers Packers have moved down to the final phase.

They will upset the Bears in week 1 of the NFL season The Bears have come down now They’ve got a little bit of work to do with the new coach and the new quarterback in The in the Packers were just prepared up top on that first Looky there a good job Green Bay. Next up. We’re gonna have Washington Redskins against the Arizona Cardinals The Redskins have a lighter stripe and Arizona has the darker stripe hitters and easily first Washington’s got some reason to make enough to do down the steps looks like they do it looks like both teams are about side-by-side going into the first loop D She just making some outside moves there.

I’m not sure if that’s gonna help them or not Looks like Arizona is a little bit Clea Arizona’s gonna jump in first I’m not sure what Washington was doing by taking those outside moves that that was not good preparation for this week One season looks like Arizona is close to going in and yep. Arizona is going to upset the Redskins in week one So Arizona has taken advantage of those weird moves that Washington was making up topped They had some weird outside moves and that was just poor preparation by the Redskins for this first week of the season All right. Here we go. We got Kansas City against the chargers. The chargers are the blue team Kansas City is the orange here We go down the loop. Look at that view going into these steps first Looks like they’re side by side side by side going into the loop d there Remember the orange team is Kansas City in the blue is The Chargers looks like Kansas City has made it down the jump first The Chargers are right behind the Kansas City’s looks like Timmy has a big lead here and they’re gonna easily Dominate the Chargers in this first week They have finished first and it looks like the Chargers have entered into the final phase now But it looks like Kansas City is going to move on and that’s great week one preparation there so what next looks like we have Jacksonville against New York New York is the darker blue team and Jacksonville has the white strike here both teams running into the loop team Looks like both teams have prepared for the start of this race.

Wow. Look at that Jacksonville has jumped into the jump first way ahead of, New York Jacksonville clearly prepared for that first loop d in the offseason Giants are finally in turn in Jacksonville has already finished basically while the Giants are just starting into that second Loopy great preparation by Jacksonville in the off season the Giants clearly have some work to do as well Giants are finally making in here but congratulations for Jacksonville. They have you know, clearly prepared for this race more than the Giants have. Oh Here we go. We’ve got the 49ers against the Minnesota Vikings 49ers with the strike and the Minnesota a solid blue color Looks like entering in first is Minnesota But the 49ers made up a lot of time by going down the steps a little bit quicker but Minnesota has prepared for this loopy first and they’re gonna drop in right ahead of 49ers into the second loop d already 49ers are coming down now see if they can make up they’re gonna have to bump into Minnesota or something to drop in first, but they don’t do it.

No, Minnesota goes on ahead to beat the 49ers in week one Let’s see how many of these NFL week 1 predictions come true when the weekend starts off So good job to Minnesota for upset in the 49ers and week one. Ok, here we go We’ve got Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the New Orleans Saints. Tampa Bay is the orange team. The New Orleans Saints are the Yellowish color, here we go Looks like Tampa Bay drops in right with the Saints both teams under in salute thee again at the same time Looks like Tampa Bay is making some odd moves just like, Washington They shoot up really high and that gives New Orleans a little bit of Vantage But hey It must still work for Tampa Bay because they dropped into the jump first But right behind them are the Saints looks like a pretty even matchup here Wow and the Saints just jumped right down to finish the Saints have come through and defeated Tampa Bay in week one Great job in this first week of the NFL season for 2018.

What a terrific marble race. That was all right. Here we go the final race Cincinnati Bengals against the Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis is the blue team Cincinnati Bengals are the orange stripe And they’re off looks like the Colts winner in first into the steps the Bengals right behind them They come into the first loop team who’s gonna make those weird outside moves on this one Looks like the Bengals are shooting up high, but it happens. Oh it didn’t have us bump them in I think Indianapolis helped the Bengals dropped into the jump. Wow That was fantastic offense by the Bengals Well looks like the Bengals have clearly prepared more than the Colts in the offseason because the bangles are gonna walk away with this one And just leave Indianapolis in the dust Wow. Another team that has some improvements to do before the week Two season starts great – the bangles. They’re gonna win week one So there’s your winners for this NFL week 1 predictions of 2018, what a great start to the marble race We’ve got Atlanta winning Baltimore winning Houston moving on, Tennessee upsets, Miami We’ve got Cleveland beaten Pittsburgh what an upset.

They’re Dallas beats Carolina Seattle won Detroit won the Rams won Looks like Green Bay defeated Chicago, Arizona B Washington Kansas City beat the Chargers Jacksonville beats the Giants San Francisco note Minnesota beat San Francisco New Orleans win and Cincinnati win great job for those teams Ok, if you’ve enjoyed this NFL week 1 predictions marble race, please subscribe and comment .

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