Newt Gingrich Makes MAJOR Announcement We’ve All Been Waiting For…

We’ve been wondering for quite some time now – who will be Donald Trump’s vice presidential running mate?

A dozen names have been tossed around, and Trump will make the announcement at the RNC convention in a couple weeks.

Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker has dropped out of the running, as has Utah Congresswoman Mia Love.

Now, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is confirming that he is being vetted.

From Western Journalism:

After months of speculation, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has just confirmed he is being vetted to be Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s vice president.

The news may be a welcome sign for many who respect the conservative icon and see Trump as needing a Washington veteran to help navigate through the world of politics.

Gingrich, who is best known for writing the “Contract with America,” a conservative congressional agenda put forward in 1994, confirmed the reports while a guest on The Sean Hannity Show. According to Hannity, Trump and Gingrich will be hitting the campaign trail in the next few days.

Hannity led with a brief discussion of a Drudge Report poll indicating the American people most wanted Gingrich to be selected as the vice president.

Gingrich would be a great asset for Trump.

Even though Newt will have to cave on his conservative views to see things the way Trump does, he’ll still be an influential voice in Trump’s ear.