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– So, OnePlus is about to turn the OnePlus 6 from this into this. Yo guys, Jonathan here, and the next couple months of tech are shaping up to be pure insanity. From the iPhone event next week, to the Google Pixel 3 in October, and potentially what is even more exciting than both of those, is the OnePlus 6T, which is right around the corner. Now if they go out there sayin “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! OnePlus 6T? I just bought the OnePlus 6 like, a month ago.

What the heck is goin on?” Year after year, OnePlus releases two flagship phones a year, and year after year, its surprises and upsets those that just bought the prior flagship, and this year doesn’t look any different. Normally, though, I would say those upgrades are minimal, but after lookin at some of the leaks and renders, these look huge. Now if you’re unfamiliar with what T means, what had happened was, it came down to OnePlus taking a shot at Apple. Apple would do their S upgrades so naturally T comin after S in the alphabet meant it had to be better, so it was just a little bit of fun but usually that comes with minimal upgrades, but this year with the OnePlus 6T, those upgrades are lookin pretty serious. 2018 has no doubt been the year of the notch. Some people despise it, some people don’t mind it, and even though it looks like OnePlus hasn’t completely got rid of the notch, they’ve essentially got it to the point where it is almost not there, and I gotta say it looks beautiful.

Now if you own a OnePlus 6 and that angers you, the good news is that the OnePlus 6T should still retain a 1080p display so even though it’s going to be sleeker and sexier, I wouldn’t say that’s a necessary reason to go sell your OnePlus 6 and upgrade to the 6T. Regardless, though, oh my god does it look good. And I love the fact that OnePlus just doesn’t seem to care. They’re just going for throats, pushing the envelope as far as technology goes and that leads me to the second thing I’m excited about. The in-display fingerprint reader. Now yes, that technology’s not new, yes, OnePlus is not first to bring this out, but it’s almost like they’re taking all the awesome technology from different smartphones and building the perfect smartphone.

OnePlus, as much as they’re kind of the underdog in the sense that they take the budget approach, they’ve almost hit this point that they’re becoming popular enough where they’re almost tappin into the mainstream market. They’re by no means a budget option, but when you stack them up to the iPhones and the Galaxies that $1000 smartphone lineup, they look mighty attractive. I recently compared the Note9 against the OnePlus 6, and the differences, or the gap between those two phones for the price, was insane. Speakin of mainstream there is also rumor the OnePlus 6T is coming to T-mobile in the states, which would be huge.

OnePlus has no doubt made a name for themselves worldwide, but imagine walking into a store, seeing the OnePlus 6T, all the tech that is packed inside, and then seein that $500 or $600 price tag and stacking that up against somethin like the Note9. I think it’s going to persuade a lot of people to go towards OnePlus. Now as far as the internals, this might be another reason why you’d have to go run out and throw your OnePlus 6 on eBay or Craigslist, or just yell at your computer screen.

We should more than likely see a Snapdragon 845. So yes, you’re gonna have that beautiful, near notch-less display, the in-display fingerprint reader, but as far as performance I wouldn’t expect to blow the OnePlus 6 away. Now from there, the third thing that has me excited is that there is a rumor that Dash Charge is going to be even faster. And if you’ve used Dash Charge you know it’s some sorta hybrid combination between, like, magic and witchcraft, and the idea that it could be any faster kinda blows my mind. Now with those rumors of faster Dash Charging, the downside is that I don’t think we’ll see wireless charging with the OnePlus 6T. Maybe, we’ll have to wait ’till the OnePlus 7. So if you are lookin forward to that on this model, don’t hold your breath. But at the very least, faster Dash Charging sounds very promising. From there at number four, and this is way less concrete and confirmed than that smaller notch or that in-display fingerprint reader, but the OnePlus 6T is rumored to have three cameras, which has me really curious if they’re going to pull that off.

Now we’ve seen triple camera setups like on the P20 Pro, but that smartphone was never released in the US so it didn’t really hit mainstream. So again, it really just feels like OnePlus was kinda kickin back just watching the smartphone world, and then picking everything that was awesome and then implementing that into the OnePlus 6T. I for one would love to see a true telephoto lens. If there’s going to be three lenses, at least make one of them a true telephoto lens. Last year with the 5T, OnePlus kinda took that away for some mysterious reason. So if you go from 1x to 2x that’s actually not switching lenses, it’s zooming in, but it’s artificial. So again, if there is going to be three lenses, OnePlus I would hope you bring that back on the 6T.

Next up from there, at number five, and this is more of a personal wish as opposed to a rumor, but I’m hoping for a bigger battery on the OnePlus 6T. The Note9 has a monster… actually I’m not sure if that’s qualified to be a monster, but regardless it is a huge 4,000mAh battery compared to the 3,300mAh on the OnePlus 6. So I’m hopin, prayin to the tech gods that the OnePlus 6 maybe meets it at the middle somewhere around 3,500/3,600, that would be nice.

So you combine a bigger battery with faster Dash Charging and the 1080p display, that is like the trifecta of battery life so come on OnePlus, don’t let us down. So, to thank you guys so much for watchin, hopefully you enjoyed the video. If you did and you’re lookin forward to the OnePlus 6T, make sure you guys drop a like down below. If you are curious about this space, I actually just dropped an office tour of the entire building. Check it out here, or down below. This is Jonathan, and I will catch you guys later. .

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