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– Yo guys, Jonathan here, and last week was colored set-ups and this week is colored iPhones. (electronic music) Now I’m not gonna lie, when I saw the rumor hit the internet of a potential red, blue, orange, or gold iPhone, I got a little excited, especially cuz I kinda like blue. But, the more and more I read the article, the more and more I dove into the rumor, the more and more I got a little disappointed especially with Apple’s naming scheme, which is making everything confusing.

Allegedly, there are going to be three. Three new iPhones this year. A larger inch for the sake of this video I’m going to call the iPhone 10s Plus, an upgrade to the iPhone 10, which I’ll go ahead and call the iPhone 10s, and those colored iPhones which is why I’m a little disappointed because it looks like the blue, orange, and red will only be coming to the iPhone 9? 10c? That’s why things are getting a little confusing. Last year was the iPhone 8 with the number eight, and then the iPhone 10 with the roman numeral, so it’s gonna be a little bit weird to have the iPhone 9, the iPhone 10s, the iPhone 10s Plus. It’s just insane. On the positive, and again, I am going for this for simplicity, so don’t yell at your keyboard, don’t yell at my face, don’t pound your desk. The iPhone 10s, and 10s Plus will see a new color this year, gold, no blue, red, or orange, but at least there is a new color. For those that remember the iPhone 5c, that’s kind of why I threw out the idea of potential iPhone 10c name, they were budget colored iPhones, and based off the alleged specs with this year’s colored iPhones, that’s kind of how it’s shapin’ up to be.

What’s also kind of weird and a little confusing is the iPhone 9, or 2018 colored iPhone, is right smack in the middle of the iPhone 10s and 10s Plus. The iPhone 10s will allegedly keep the same inch screen. The iPhone 9 will have a inch screen, and then the larger iPhone 10s Plus will have a inch screen. Now, where the disappointment starts to set in is that the iPhone 9, or the colored iPhone, will keep an LCD display while the iPhone 10s and 10s Plus get the OLED. Now, that’s not the only thing that’s suppose to be missing on the rumored iPhone 9. It’s suppose to be lacking the stainless steel frame, no dual camera, and also what’s a little weird, no 3d touch. I can definitely buy no stainless steel frame. I can buy no dual camera, but no 3d touch seems a little out there especially because the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have 3d touch right now. The alleged reason why there’s gonna be no 3d touch is for a better screen, but again it just kind of makes me scratch my head and is frustrating at the same time. Now, on the positive, the one thing I would expect all these three phones to share is a faster A12 chip, and the reason I say that is currently the iPhone 8, the 8 Plus, and the iPhone 10 all share the same A11 processor, so it would only make sense for Apple to kinda stay on track this year as well.

Now, very similar to the A11 chip, the A12 should have two high-performance cores paired with four high-efficiency cores, or lower power cores, it should also jump from a 10 nanometer process down to a seven nanometer process, and fancy tech jargon aside, what that really means is more efficient and also faster. Now how fast you ask? I’m sure Apple’s gonna put together a billion buzz words and tell us how magically faster it is, but in real world we should see about a 30 to 40 percent bump. Now, where we should see a huge jump, like we usually do with Apple, is in gpu performance, and where Apple’s going with AR kits, with augmented reality, that’s where it’s really gonna matter. Now, somewhere in the mix of colors and faster processors, one more rumor that we might see this year is usbc which would be amazing. I am tired of having a usbc cable, a lightning cable, and it seems very un-Apple, but there’s been a lot of steam and a lot of rumors suggesting that they might actually go that route which would be amazing.

Tim, do it! So, we know the new iPhones are going to be faster, more magical, don’t take me serious, because I know one guy out there is going to flip his (cartoon characters gasp) because I said magical. (screaming and beating computer) As much as I would have loved to see a blue iPhone 10, it’s not lookin like that’s gonna happen. There gonna save that for the budget iPhone 9 or 10c. Honestly, again, the naming scheme is kind of a mess right now and is all over the place, so let me know what you guys think. How should Apple fix this problem? Do you think the next iPhones are gonna be called the iPhone 10s Plus, the iPhone 10s, and then the iPhone 9, or will they go for the iPhone 10c and kind of keep everything uniform? Personally, I would like to see Apple adopt the 10 naming scheme across the board just so they can keep the Roman numerals but again what do I know? Hopefully, you guys enjoyed the video, if you did and your feeling awesome be sure you guys smash that Like button and if you like colors, definitely check out the set up here.

This is Jonathan, and I will catch you guys later. Also, I forgot to ask you, what was your favorite color, blue, orange, gold, or red? Later. .

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