Takes Credit for Assault on Trump’s Rally Tonight


Donald Trump’s campaign continued Friday with a bloody stop in Chicago – where dozens of protesters were led away in handcuffs.

Hours have passed since Trump canceled the rally due to “security concerns,” and more concrete details are emerging about the violent protesters.

If you think this was just some random protest – nope.

It turns out the political mayhem in Chicago was entirely corroborated by MoveOn (the campaign team of Bernie Sanders) and other Left-wing, antagonistic, communist organizations who hate America.bernie-protests

The same anarchist who brought us Occupy Wall Street, F**k The Police (FTP), and Black Lives Matter (BLM) aligned with the pro-Islamist contingents and coordinated this chaos.

This is just proof Left-wingers are afraid of Trump. They are bleeding voters every day to the GOP front runner, and they should be.

These protests will just alienate more of the American people.move-on-2

The Republican Party better come to their senses quickly and get behind one candidate so that we can collectively go after the progressives. Otherwise, we will be destined to lose.

United we stand, divided we fall!