Mom Shares Picture of Daughter Dressed as Melania Trump, And Everyone is Stunned By One Thing


The hate against President Trump, his administration, and all of his supporters has been completely overwhelming. There has been so much backlash since he was elected into office as President of the United States that many people are often scared to admit that they voted for him. But, there are many Americans out there who are proud of Trump for all he has accomplished and all he is working towards doing during his time in office. It’s amazing to see these accomplishments, especially considering everything he is up against every single day. He needs the support of the American people in order to make this a successful presidency. While the mainstream media has been unrightfully cruel to Trump, including fabricating stories regularly in order to push their twisted agenda, it seems as though they have missed a touching story.

One elementary school teacher created an assignment in which her class would prepare a very interesting project to present to the class. To begin the project, she had her students pick a first lady from the United States’ history. They would depict that first lady in front of the class. But, there was one rule. She allowed students to pick any first lady from history so long as they could explain who it was and why they picked her.

There was one student who came into class and stunned everyone else. This young lady chose to represent our current first lady, Melania Trump. The mother of this girl helped her create her outfit, and it was amazing to see. Our previous first lady, Michelle Obama, isn’t going to be happy about this one.

The girl is an 8-year-old who will remain unnamed. She came home and asked her mother to help her make the outfit she was thinking of wearing. The result was amazing. She showed class and determination, which many Americans are not used to seeing, especially from an 8-year-old.

The outfit turned out great. She wore an outfit that was almost identical to the one Melania Trump wore on the day President Trump was inaugurated. She sported a light blue dress with blue heels, and pearl earrings. She carried a Tiffany box to tie the whole look together. Her mother even did her hair to look like Melania’s hair.

It’s great to see young children showing their respect for the President and our First Lady. Even though we see such negative comments in the media, the truth is still known by most Americans. This little girl went as the first lady who made her the most proud to be an American, and Melania can be proud that she has been a positive influence on this little girl.