Michigan State Football Practice Update | Maryland


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(intense music) – You look at Maryland right now, you look at their offensive personnel, their explosive football team right now, a lot of big play guys, 700 plus yards this past week and really look at their roster and you see a lot of guys making a lot of plays so, it’s a great challenge for us. (intense music) – Maryland’s offense is pretty good, they got a couple good backs, they do a lot of motion and stuff, things of that nature that we just gotta keep our eyes on our keys and do our job. – I think when you look at stats and everything, my stats aren’t up there but those D tackles are making a ton of plays and mark their piece in there.

They’re holding up double teams and they’re making their own plays, I live for guys like that in front of me. – November’s always been a great month around this program and I feel like we can finish this season off strong, we have some great things to look forward to. .

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