Megyn Kelly Launches New Attack On Trump – HUMILIATED When She’s Hit Back With THIS

Fox News host Megyn Kelly has been in a bitter feud with GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump for over a year now. On Wednesday night, Kelly reignited this feud when she claimed that Trump was doing “horribly” among black voters. Unfortunately for her, however, this claim quickly blew up in her face.

According to Conservative Tribune, Kelly’s assertion was proven to be false as new polling data shows that Trump’s numbers among black voters is actually up. A new poll by Florida Atlantic University revealed that 20 percent of black voters in Florida support Trump, and the business mogul is planning to celebrate this with a visit to Tampa very soon.The poll also had Trump ahead in Florida over Clinton by 2%, with him at 43% and her at 41% in the crucial state.

To put Trump’s support among blacks in perspective, Mitt Romney only had 6% of their support back in the 2012 election. Clearly, Kelly was once again trying to take Trump down with shameless lies. Instead, all she accomplished was exposing herself as a terrible journalist.