McCain Shuts Down Confirmation Hearings for Pentagon Appointees Because He’s Mad at Trump

Obstructionist John McCain has struck again, this time shutting down confirmation hearings for President Donald Trump’s nominees for the Pentagon because he opposes Trump’s presidency.

McCain has this power because he is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, Conservative Tribune notes.

The Arizona Senator claims he has done this to force Trump to supply some more detailed information on his military plans in Afghanistan and Iraq. But, come on. We all know that this is just another part of John McCain’s petulance and hatred for Trump.

The man many call McLame made his announcement at a recent recent hearing:

According to The Daily Caller, McCain told Defense Secretary James Mattis and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman and Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford that he will prevent the Trump administration from appointing needed officials at the Pentagon until he has more questions answered.

“There are not two individuals that I admire more than are sitting at the table facing this committee, but I want to tell you again: We will not accept a lack of information, a lack of strategy, a lack of coordination with this committee,” McCain said at an Armed Services Committee hearing on Afghanistan.

He continued: “And there are several methods, thanks to the Constitution, that we have to try and force a change in that relationship. I’ve been told by both of you that we are having a strategy, that we are now going to work closely together with the committee, that we are working with various allies. I’m glad to hear that.”

So, because McCain hasn’t been included in with the president’s inner circle, he is taking it out on the efficiency of our Pentagon by refusing to allow the president to fill vacancies and needed positions. He’s putting our military operations at risk because he’s mad at the president.

And we are told McCain is a military man?

McCain claims he is following the Constitution’s provision of “advise and consent” but we all know that the Arizonan will do anything to obstruct Trump whether he can base his obstructionism on the Constitution or not.

And he isn’t fooling anyone, if some replies on Twitter are any indication.