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well it’s a very exciting weekend at elevation Church we just finished celebrating Easter God is doing amazing things we’ve been talking about savage Jesus and hey let me tell you something I brought a savage pastor to share the Word of God with you today I just met this guy recently I loved him immediately he is full of wisdom he is a fashion icon more importantly he’s got an amazing heart God is using him in a great way all around the world but he pastors in Tulsa Oklahoma Tulsa Oklahoma you know about Tulsa Oklahoma Tulsa Oklahoma is the home of transformation church I’m talking about pastor Michael Todd he and his wife Natalie have been giving leadership to that church now for several years and God is really raising him up and recently God put it on my heart it was time for elevation church to meet pastor Michael Todd so I know you’re gonna be blessed today by His Word I know you’re gonna feel his warmth but I want to show a little southern hospitality or Canadian hospitality or Floridian hospitality or maybe you’re watching this somewhere else in the world wherever you are I want you to show some great elevation church love to a great man of God pastor Michael Todd come on let’s welcome him as he comes it feels like home in here I am so excited to be here with you and as you already know my name is Michael Todd something you may not know I’m black I’m so excited because any time the people of God come together and there’s an expectation they told me that was rowdy but I didn’t and Concord was crazy like that and I believe God has a word for us today so I want you to prepare your section I want you to find three people and say get ready high-five them and tell them get ready but just tell them get ready get ready y’all can take y’all seats after that hallelujah men I am so honored to be here um it’s amazing how God does things before I get started I just want you to know cuz you may not know this because you experienced all the time but you don’t go to a regular Church like all your location that’s where I go that ain’t regular um you have two of the most dynamic leaders and pastor Stephen and Holly further or you can give it up take their leadership this team I mean it’s so phenomenal in their absence you can still feel their heartbeat and for everybody who’s serving and leading and running cameras and doing a kids and and all this uh can we give it up for the team everybody impacting the entire world and you’ll hear a little bit of my testimony of how we met in just a little bit and but before I get started ma’am my wife is here and she fine and and she came with me and why it’s special is because this is her birthday weekend do y’all say happy birthday yeah we’ll celebrate later but but on her birthday weekend she was like yeah you can go and I honor you because you allow me to do what that’s called me to do I had team members that came and I love y’all squad up my church back home transformation Church stand god I love y’all okay so I think I got everybody out the way God is here and um and so we’re gonna get right into the word right now oh I got to do one more thing I want to show you picture of my kids this is my family right here my daughter is 4 she’s Isabella my son he’s got a ponytail but that’s a boy as 2 MJ and and then my six month oh that’s a beret and the reason I showed you that because statistics say if I show you pictures to my family you listen to me more okay here we go we’re gonna have fun today I’m get out your Bibles and something to take notes with um because I was sitting here on assignment so a lot of people they go to church to just do something and feel good and check it off the religious box I came here on assignment like God started dealing with me about what I was supposed to speak to you and so I got to deliver this no matter if you receive it or not I got to get a well done from God for me okay so hopefully you’re gonna receive do I got any people that will receive the word okay so I came all the way from Tulsa Oklahoma to tell somebody that you’re marked by God yeah yeah and I know what kind of sounds cliche and a little and a little okay I’m marked by God but somebody came in here discouraged and the things of life have you questioning did God really call me is there really more than this job I’m working is there more than how our marriage has been is there more than what and I came to tell you yeah there is and God has marked you for purpose he’s marked you for impact he’s marked you for destiny he’s anointed you and called you so more than anything you can even see right now but you have to realize it because the enemy has come to tell you stop quit you’re too old maybe if you were in your 30s your 20s but what God’s gonna do with you and your 60s she said yes me thank you lord no I’m serious like like what is God gonna do after the second bankruptcy didn’t God do anything after the the second marriage thank God come on y’all there’s some people in here they denied me for the college I wanted to go through four times like how am I ever gonna and I came to tell you that no matter what the denial was God Steel’s marching no matter what the trial is God still marks you no matter what you’re facing now you are marked somebody just say it with faith say I’m marked y’all going I like this 11 buddy y’all right with me and and and this is the thing when I started to think about people in the Bible who were marked by God anointed I started to think about David who was marked from a very young age but there was a process to the palace or there was a process to his purpose a process to his destiny and many times if the enemy what he cannot destroy he distracts he can’t destroy us so then he distracts us and we start thinking well maybe like at one time you’re on fire for God and you knew he had called you and you knew and then and then well that happened and then this happened and now you’re distracted and and and you’re just looking for validation and God said no no no no come back today is a refocused day I need you to realize that before you were formed in your mother’s womb I need you I called you I had a plan and a purpose for you I see stuff you ain’t never seen to you before somebody just yell see when you stop believing the lie then you can believe the truth see a lot of people try to believe the truth and the lies they don’t they don’t work together when you stop believing the lie the truth automatically comes to the front and the truth is that no matter what you’ve been through you’re still marked by God and so right now I want to read first samuel 16 and let me give you some some backstory there was a king named saul he wants was marked he once was anointed by god and a lot of people give salt a bad rap like he was just a bad guy from the beginning no God called him but he started doing things his own way and God lifted that anointing from him and Samuel was a prophet at the time and he was like man i anointed Saul he was supposed to be the man and and and then God said Sammy stop crying over him I’m anointing somebody else I’m moving my anointing he he’s still gonna be in leadership but but my anointing is taken from him can I just put a pin right there on the point you can still have people in leadership without God’s anointing just got just cuz they got the title don’t mean they have the anointing okay now you thinking about somebody else I’m talking about you oh they didn’t like that at Asheville they didn’t like y’all don’t like that I’m sorry all I’m saying is he started doing things his own way and so God had to bring somebody else he had to mark somebody else for what he was trying to get done in the earth and what ended up happening was he goes to Jesse’s house and he’s planning to find the next king of Israel at Jesse’s house and so that’s where we pick up it says verse 6 it says when they arrived Samuel took one look at Elia and thought surely this is God’s anointed but the Lord said to Samuel don’t judge by his appearance or his height for I have rejected him the Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them in that good that God doesn’t judge you by your education and doesn’t judge you by the number of Instagram followers or zeroes in your bank account see look what he tells him he says people judge by the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart it’s good news for all of us then Jesse told his son a bit of dad to step forward and walk in front of Samuel but Samuel said this is not the one the Lord has chosen next Jesse summons shamea yeah that’s my boy right there that’s the one that’s like his daddy but Samuel said neither is this the one Jesse’s like all my sons failures like but Samuel said to Jesse that Lord has not chosen these verse 11 then Samuel asked are these all the sons you have he said well there’s still the youngest Jesse replied but he’s out in the field watching the sheep in the goat seat it’s funny that his father didn’t even call him by his name he defined him by a characteristic that was unattractive like many times when you’re marked people look at what you’ve done or what you’re doing and try to sum you up as that’s what you are Oh oh she’s the one who was divorced and he’s the one who’s been in bankruptcy he said well is there another oh you talking about her that’s kind of like mmm this solve that big ant got the bad attitude like people not even saying his name but describing what they’ve been through but isn’t it beautiful that God doesn’t even care about that we got it he said he’s the one out there he’s watching the sheep in the ghost he don’t smell that good and and Samuel said sins for him at once and we will not sit down until he arrives all the brothers like dang we can’t eat so Jesse sit for him he was dark handsome had beautiful eyes get the picture and the Lord said this is the one anoint him mark him so as David stood there among his brothers Samuel took the flask of olive oil he had brought an anointed David he Mart David with oil watch this and the Spirit of God it came powerfully upon David from that day on somebody say I’m marked um I want to tell you a story I’m I’m a son of five one of five boys that grew up in our house and my parents didn’t have cables so they were fruitful and multiplied and so and so I have an older brother named Gabriel and one day me and Gabriel were fighting and just being what brothers do and my mom she’s a woman of Prayer she’s a woman that speaks lies and one day she just switched on us and she was like y’all about the fight I said what and she said yep y’all gonna fight and she called us down to her room and I’m a little more athletic than my brother Gabe and so um I knew I was about to whoop his bless the Lord and so so we got these gloves from the fair like a week earlier and if you’ve ever seen these American flag gloves there there are a lot of cushion on this side and there’s no cushion on this side and so she put gloves on both of us and she said box and I’m whooping him on and I vaguely remember that he got back his hand and my mom told us we were only supposed to be doing body shots so from the head down and I just remember seeing his hand turn over and and he hit me straight across my face and my neck turn and then as my neck turned my body went with it and I said I fell to the ground and at that moment I got up I was like we’re all supposed to be doing head shots we’re supposed to be doing body shots and the Lord brought this back to my memory as I begin to study for this sermon he said Michael there’s never a hit like the one you don’t see coming that’s the hit that knocks you out just like a lot of people in this room right now you’ve had a hit of life and you didn’t see it coming and so it knocks you down the the bankruptcies the divorce the frustrating co-worker it knocks you down and many of you are in this room and you’re sitting down and they’re counting one two and you’re debating should I even get up should I even try again and I came to say it’s time to get up because you are my god the fight is not over and God has a plan for your life somebody shout out mark so what I came today for all the marked people in the building now this may not be everybody but I know there’s some mark people at university city and there’s some Martin people right here at Ballentine if you’re mark make some noise in the building I see you I came to help you because there are hits of life that are coming see most pastors just want you to feel good and just like the God that said he’s setting up you up for a blessing and he’s setting you up for some hits too but if you know the hits are coming you can be ready see I wasn’t guarding my head because I didn’t think the hit was coming there but when I know where a hit is coming from I can be able to defend myself and know and be prepared for what’s gonna happen so I just want to talk to the marked people in the room and give you a few steps that are gonna happen to you if you are marked by God are y’all ready now let’s look at David’s life number one if you are marked you’re gonna be approved in private now this one messes with people because we want to insert the story our elevation look at me I’m gonna pass the Stephen look at the anointing rubbing off no I didn’t see because what God wants to do in your life is something that he cannot do on display when it’s in seed form and this messes with our culture because we want everybody to know we’ve been approved we want everybody to recognize what God has done in our life and he did speak to you and he did give you a word at that conference and he did touch your life sitting in the back row of that meeting or whatever he did but everybody doesn’t need to know he got intentionally is approving you in private why because the easiest time to kill something is when it’s in infant stage and many people are putting all their dreams visions ideas out there when it’s baby stage and people are coming to stab and kill and drown everything that God has called you to do just think about it when they were scared of Jesus being born the Messiah what did they do they killed all the male’s under the age of two because it’s the easiest to kill a king in kid form and I came to encourage you just cuz everybody doesn’t know that mean you’re a marked David was not even invited to the party that they didn’t even call for him he must have seen the caravan coming in before anybody because he was the shepherd he was out in the field he saw but they didn’t invite him the party but he wasn’t trying to get into the party because David was content with doing the last thing God told him and spending time in the presence of God and what happened is they sit for him and when he gets in the room and his brothers are standing there probably hungry and jealous he said you’re marked and he was approved in private and he did not get to go and tell everybody what are you saying pass the mic there’s somebody in this room who you know God has called you to greater than what you’re dealing with right now but you’re still marked even though nobody else knows and if you don’t see that hit coming you’ll start doing things to try to allow people to know and then somebody will speak death and to what God called to live you are do you hear what I’m saying somebody will be able and I’m telling you you’re marked even if everybody doesn’t recognize it you may have family members that girl they ain’t gonna do nothing you’re just gonna be the same thing as it was like your granddaddy and your grand a that it big why I cannot deal with you anymore because I have been approved in private somebody say I’m marked let me help you understand see see because the Bible always says and God was with David and God was with David you can research it and God was with David the I begin to say God why were you always with David it said because David was always with me see a lot of people want God to to be with them but they’re not with him and he’s not gonna intrude on your busy schedule you gotta make room for him he’s a gentleman though he stands at the door and knots you got to let him in and and and and God is saying to us today if you would just do the last thing I told you and spend time in my presence I’ll approve you in private see if you’re a marked let me give you the second thing you’re anointed before you’re positioned so just imagine this picture with me David goes into this room Samuel marks him he anoints him he said you’re gonna be the next king of Israel for most of us we would be looking to go back to the palace with Samuel yeah I’m gonna catch a ride with you where was David’s next move back to the pasture because he was anointed before he ever got a position and seemed us most of us feel like no no I’m anointed so now it’s time for me to be on the platform I’m anointed now it’s time for me to be the CEO I’m anointed you just said I’m gonna be the next king of Israel let’s go like we’re trying to do it at that moment but what God is saying is I want to anoint you and then I want to send you back into the sphere of influence that you came from to make a difference there so he’s anointed the king of Israel but has to go back with the sheeps and goats sounds like were you going Monday morning and God says will you make a difference there can I make you be light in darkness at that school will you be my representative that goes in and changes the situation will you stand and represent me or represent me at that nursing home at that Hospital and most of us we don’t see that hit coming so God I’m anointed right and he said yeah now go get with the Sheep keep serving and eat kids well pastor I’ve got songs than me elevation needs to hear it in time but go keep serving the kids and don’t sing you know those people who’ll be trying to put it on like I’m doing this but why because what God wants to do in your life he wants to get the glory fool and so so so really the problem is and no really the question is how are you waiting cuz you’re anointed like like how are you waiting and most of us wait like this oh my god I’m waiting on you Lord do it again I keep singing it do it but I don’t think it’s like how are you waiting I really think it’s how are you waiting at your service guy what do you want me to do you want me to give that you want me to go pick them up you want me to keep serving them because at that moment it’s a heart check and he says can I can I mark you but then send you into a place that doesn’t look like where you’re going to be and that’s the battle because many times our expectation and our experience don’t match now how I’m supposed to be a CEO and philanthropist and I’m supposed to pay for people’s stuff but I’m sitting here looking at all this dead and God said I’m the miracle worker I need your obedience and so I just wanted somebody in here to realize that you if you’re marked and I know there’s a lot of people in this room that you’re gonna be anointed before your position and so the scripture I want to give you is proverbs to trust in the Lord in this waiting process with all your heart and don’t depend on your own understanding to make sense well I just can’t figure it out like if God really wanted me to be this then what you’re not gonna be able to figure it out he’s looking for a hot heart posture not a plan from you trust in the Lord with all your heart lean not to your own understanding and knowledge God in everything you do and then it says he will direct your every mark person in the place just say it with a little more safe sound marked yes coming if you’re marked let me give you another thing you become the answer to a problem see so David goes back to the field he’s he’s doing the last thing God told him and spending time in the presence I want you to see how pivotal this is like some people I get questions all the time well Pastor Mike what do you do if you just feel like you don’t know what to do do the last thing you know God told you to do and spend time in the presence of God that’s what David did he he didn’t have a GPS or a mat to his purpose he just was doing the lesson and watch what happens he becomes the answer to a problem Saul is now being tormented by evil spirits in the palace and and you got to read first samuel 16 17 18 you just got to read the whole thing i don’t got time to go through it all but he’s being tormented by evil spirits in the palace and one of his assistants says hey maybe we should get a guitar player in here or a skilled musician to be able to torment these evil spirits and then one of the guys like do you know anybody and he was like yeah jesse has a boy named david and he’d be in the field all the time just me and he be well in and so i think we can go get him and now watch david did not fill out an application to go to the palace he did not use connections to get in the palace because he was doing the last thing God told him and spending time in the presence and perfecting what was in his hands do you understand what I’m saying they sent for him what are you trying to say Pastor Mike when you are doing what God told you to do you will never have to buy for your position they will send for you yeah I know that that don’t work with the ambitious culture that we got the under grinder yo hustle and all this other stuff they’ll sin for you they sit for David and I want you to see this because David did not come to the palace with nothing he came as the answer to a problem and some of us are sitting here so deficient in skills God gave us you don’t even work on it no more if he couldn’t play he wouldn’t have even been invited to the palace do you understand what I’m saying but in the pastor he was working on what was in his hands and he went to the palace now watch the place that he already knew he was called to be in he did not go as a king or a prince he went as a servant what are you trying to say Pastor Mike got to allow you to taste your future not as a person of interest but as somebody to serve and many times we get frustrated because we know we’re marked and we’re supposed to be on the platform and we’re supposed to go to this height and we’re supposed to be there and God said yeah and I want you to go there and I want you to serve somebody you ain’t gonna get the mic you’re not gonna be in the meetings you’re gonna and see this is the thing the platform is just a raised position of what I would do down here if you don’t do it down here God’s not gonna allow you to do it up here if you’re not nice down here you can be nice up here if you want love down here do you hear what I’m saying to you today and so God is telling you he said I need you to go ahead wherever you are to be the answer to the problem some of you right now need to go back and serve people with and asked for nothing ain’t no connections in this it’s because God’s moving and molding and making my heart right now I don’t need your approval because I was approved in private I don’t need your title of your position because I’m anointed performing position and what am i doing right now I’m becoming the answer to a problem can I give you a secret David was qualified for another level of promotion because he tormented what tormented his leader you want to know how to go to another level find somebody that you call a leader and torment what torments them and God says that’s the heart I’m looking for that’s the person the children high school students torment what torments your parents them dishes is always dirty and you hate raising hands like everybody hate them too but make make up in your mind that anytime there’s a dish I’m on I’m a torment what torments my single mother who works two jobs and tries it from here I’m gonna watch what God will do in your life that boss that you don’t like and does not like you do you hear what I’m saying and you like have some like no no no see if ugly and see it’s me yeah I can’t send her I like is that person I want you to go ask them on Monday what is your biggest challenge and and don’t ask for pay right because God’s trying to work on your heart so if you’re marked you’re gonna be the answer to a problem if you’re mark let me give you another point your opportunity is gonna be wrapped in obedience see David now is tormenting all of Saul’s demons and he’s got dual duty he’s humble enough to be working in the palace serving but still coming back and helping his father with the sheep and remember I told you you’ll be sent for so one day he comes to his dad’s house because humility is a big thing to God and it’s a big thing to David and so he’s there and his dad says hey son cuz you do me a favor your brothers are off at war right now did you take them some grilled cheese sandwiches out there to them and the captains and and and for most of us we would fail that test because I’d hit my dad back with like yo you already know bro I play at the palace I mean you want me to be over eats for my brothers like get somebody else to do this but David was lowly in spirit and he said I can still have a position or a platform that people look at but I’ll still do what I used to do and this is the thing a lot of us think we’re regressing when we go back and do things that we used to do but a lot of times it’s a test to see do you still have the humility that you once had you used to work in a parking lot but you all get is to cloud you used to insurv out of old folks home but now the way they eat makes you nauseous oh come on and you say no no no God goes from glory to glory to glory but you’ve been at the same level maybe it’s because you won’t go back and do things that you once did and David shows us that his opportunity is wrapped in obedience what are you saying Pastor Mike if David would not have been obedient to his father to go take those grilled cheese sandwiches to his brother he would have never met Goliath she would have never met his opportunity for elevation he would have never even been anywhere right he would have been somewhere playing the guitar thinking God was using him but his purpose was wrapped up in some other place and how many things are you missing cuz you just won’t obey God it don’t make sense he said keep visiting that person he’s like I don’t even like that person and God said you missing it it’s not about the person it’s about your obedience well don’t tell some like you God keeps telling me to serve at the Boys and Girls Club I don’t even like sports your husband is there that woman said hey glory to God somebody a University City just cuts us the Google where’s the nearest where Cece what I’m finding out is that obedience is never about the other person it’s about God getting your heart and if your next opportunity is wrapped in obedience now this is only if you’re marked and let me just let me just throw in something bonus for some of you that are here and you feel like God’s calling you to something else First Samuel 17 verse 20 it says so David left the sheet with another Shepherd and set out early the next morning with the gifts as Jesse had directed him it’s funny because when God gives you a call it says that David left the Sheep with another Shepherd God never asked you to leave something undone to do a new thing the church is so messy about that God God called me to this and this just falling apart but stewardship is the heart of God and David left his responsibilities with somebody else because he knew God was trying to work something in him for where he was taking him he started in the pasture but he knew he was gonna end up in the palace but there was everybody say a process so when you’re marked and you’re going through this process let me give you my next points you’re elevated through obstacles and this is the one that takes most people out because we’re taught specially in Western culture and in the church when we see an obstacle retreat and that’s what the entire nation of Israel was doing that whole army saw Goliath he goes to deliver these sandwiches and he sees the whole army out there and Goliath for 40-day is talking about God and the whole Israelite army is frozen like man this dude is talking about our God and David walks up with these sandwiches like here bro who’s that what’s your what your they are here hey so yeah he’d been doing it for 40 days and y’all I ain’t done nothin who is this uncircumcised philistine that was cuss words back then y’all know this like it would be like you know saying the parental sensory like and and David says I’m not about to sit here and listen to this dude defy my god so where thousands took a step back because they saw an obstacle David took a step forward because he saw an opportunity obstacles and opportunity are almost the same depending on who’s on your side so when God’s on your side and they give you a diagnosis of cancer that’s the opportunity that God says step forward I’m about to be your healer I am going to be the one who gets the glory out of this when death is in front of you God says don’t retreat step towards it I’m Jehovah Jireh your provider I will meet every one of y’all here somebody’s getting excited sickle is no longer an obstacle because if God it is for you who can be against you I dare somebody to give God a shout of praise in this somebody give God a shout of play course no longer because we’re marked will we step away from the obstacle we step towards it because we know who’s on our side and so David just Sam David is now sitting here looking at what everybody else calls an obstacle and he sees an opportunity now why does David see an opportunity it’s because when David was in the pasture and nobody was looking God taught him some things behind closed doors what do you say Pastor Mike that’s gonna teach you some things behind closed doors and and he said I’m gonna I’m gonna take him out and Saul said man you’re you’re just a boy you can’t do this and he said that’s funny you say that that’s crazy that’s crazy your army ain’t doing that so um so what you don’t know about me is when nobody was looking when there was no in stories and when there was no website and when nobody knew who I was a bear came and I was in the pasture forgotten nobody invited me to the party but the Lord taught me how to do some crazy stuff with a slingshot and some rocks and then a lion came and I thought it was gonna take me out but I was just getting prepared this is the first time y’all gonna see it but this is a rerun for me because God has meet some stuff when nobody was looking when I was in the pasture he taught me how to take what I had and do something with it and I’m telling somebody that you don’t need everybody to see but at some point it will be televised and God will get the glory because of what he taught you in the pasture somebody yell I’m marked see that’s what you got to realize when you’re elevated through obstacle he’s not gonna put something new in front of you in front of everybody that’s why you have to stew it over what you have now like everybody’s watching because God said one day I’m gonna need you to do this in front of everybody and you can’t flinch you you got to be so sure of what I given you because nobody else would do it I need you to do you may be the first one in your family to walk in purity and they’re gonna tell you you can’t do it and he said I’ve been teaching you this on the backside of the mountain when Dewayne came he was the bear and when Rico came he was the lion and you kept it together cling cling and Bassett’s even told me I could freeze out like I was at home is that all right what I’m saying is you can’t flinch when it comes to the big stage so when you’re marked let me give you this next one you must be you so so okay oh wow okay god um I’m approved in private I got that okay I’m anointed before I’m positioned so I’m gonna be content with where I’m at right now I’m actually gonna work on my skills until I can solve some problems and then I understand that my next opportunity is wrapped in obedience so I just need to listen to what you’re saying is I’m spending time with you and then okay I got it I’m gonna face some obstacles but the obstacles aren’t there to take me out there dare to elevate me so I just step towards them and you’re on my side and then you’re telling me I gotta be me like like when they tried to put Saul’s armor on to David it didn’t fit yet like one day it would one day he’d be the king one day he would be able to do that but it didn’t fit yet and God did not expect David to be what he wasn’t to defeat Goliath he said I’m gonna use you how you are pick up the slingshot in the five smooth stones that’s what you know that that’s the thing I want to break in somebody’s mind who feel like you got to talk like somebody or dress like somebody or be something else God says I made you you which a weak humor and your funny accent and I said imma use all of that but you can’t conform to others because they were successful in an area God said there’s a fingerprint and a DNA that you have that you unlock your favor in the earth and you a lot your resources in or if you’re you that’s only if you’re marked you only can be you I can’t come up here and be anybody else some of y’all like Pastor Steven gone where did John Gray he here I’m the skinnier little brother version of him you got it you gotta be you and the last thing is when you’re marked somebody say marked when you’re marked you have to have the audacity to honor now this one hurts because this means that you have to do like David did because he defeats Goliath he cuts off his head he got groupies now it’s like oh my God look at that man look like that now he didn’t had that before and one day the groupies made a song and it looks like David David Davis Lee ten thousand saw one thousand David like that that’s what happens the Bible says lady and Saul got jealous and for a decade plus he starts trying to kill the person who won victories for him what does this say to you that many times the people that you’ve been fighting for and the relationships you’ve been fighting for and the things that you’ve been trying to keep gather together at some point if they turn on you know you’re in good company it hurts and it feels like you have to go on the run but this is one of those hits see if you don’t see this one coming your best seat will take you out of the game I thought you believed in me I thought and they walk away and you say well maybe God didn’t call me you know no baby you’re marked God has a call on your life before you were formed in your mother’s womb he wants to get all of that out of you but then what do you do when you have the opportunity to tell they dirty laundry and gossip and somebody calls you for a job reference for them you have to have the audacity to honor David did not use what he knew about Saul to take him out there’s a specific story that tells that he was in a cave and and and Saul was relieving himself and Davis boys like young brothers all right there and he was like killing and they was like does that saw he’s like kill him and and he went over your sight it sounded like a good idea because it always sounds like a good idea to get revenge in the moment and he got close enough to him to kill him but he just cuts off a piece of his robe and this is what happens in First Samuel 24 6 it says so he said to his men may the Lord not let me put out my hand against look at these words my leader for he is the lord’s chosen one what are you saying Pastor Mike until God moves Saul or your boss or your person that’s of frustration to you or trying to kill you until he moves them they’re still your leader and so God’s already dealing with them based on their actions but you will disqualify yourself based on your actions if you do not have the audacity to honor so Mike why are you so passionate about this why is this coming out of you because this is not a cute story this is what I’m living no no hear what I’m saying Pastor Steven asked me to tell this story and I want to tell it because somebody’s in here and you know you’re marked by God but life has come to hit you this was about a year ago God told me he said you’re supposed to be an insight elevation and so I’m in Tulsa Oklahoma two days before the conference I tried to get in before it was a thousand person waiting list and knew God was stirring something in me and he said you’re marked and you’re anointed and you’re approved in private nobody knows you but I’m doing something in your life and there was no tickets and I said God there’s no tickets and he said I told you you’re supposed to be in North Carolina tomorrow and I had to be obedient to God even though it didn’t make sense so I asked my wife I said hey can I spend a large sum of money that we don’t have to obey God and she was like you got a ticket I said no she said well why are you going to say because I gotta obey God she said well you’ve led this family strong I trust you and believe you Lord be the supplier I get on a plane 6 a.m.

Monday morning I get here at 1 o’clock I come over to the campus and nobody’s here except the interns and I met a man named Johnny merkel and johnny was like man I’m so pumped up about your faith to come out here I don’t have a ticket for you but I’m just telling you thanks Johnny it’s my boy I Love You Man and um and so he said all I can do is tell you to come back and maybe if somebody cancels will let you in I’m out here on faith standing in that parking lot five o’clock can’t let you in 6 o’clock can’t let you in 7 o’clock comes and I hear the bass start rumbling and I said God I thought you told me I was supposed to be here he said I did wait on me wait on me so I’m standing in the parking lot I said well if I’m not gonna get in imma be the resurrected King spirit I’m outside and like I was just like at least i’ma get my worship experience in on the parking lot comes and they say somebody canceled and we can let you in I didn’t have a seat in the auditorium and I start coming in and I’m looking at everything I was like are you so faithful and I walk into this tunnel and I come to this seat right here and for a day and a half i sat in this seat and pastor Stephen begin to speak into my life and he said you’re gonna win from within and you’re gonna go pro and God begin to download into me everything that I needed to go back and finish my assignment and that’s didn’t come August 2017 I was so impacted that I went back our bootleg recorded it so I could show my whole staff forgive me but I was just so impacted by what what happened and I like to thank people that impact my life so it’s like man I want to thank pastor Steven God if you give me an opportunity our guest comes around and one of my friends in the city Paul Doherty he’s having a conference that Pastor Stephens coming to I called him up like bro I’m coming Stevie breeching I want to be there he’s like bro don’t even worry about I’m gonna sit you right next to him I was like wow and then and this is what happened as I was walking in God said you’re not supposed to meet him don’t talk to him don’t say anything to him what are you talking about like I just want to thank him he said I don’t want you to do this I want to do it so Paul’s up there Steven and Chuck is sitting right in front of me okay and Paul says why don’t you turn around and greet your neighbor and I said I met a woman named Susan this is a true story but God was teaching me don’t lean on your own understanding but don’t do this your way I’m trying to build something in your life this is August October I get a message from my sister and and she says hey check your DM Pastor Stevens trying to get in contact with you I said they must have some other Stevens at that church five minutes later I get a text from his assistant and it’s a minute and forty one voice note that he recorded and he said I saw you I was looking for my sermon on YouTube and you were the next one and I watched your whole message and he said and I was so refreshed and impacted and God has marked you and your anointing and all that for a minute and what I like now listen this is October I’m good now cuz I didn’t make that happen God made it happen and God said Michael that’s a mini miracle and mi ni miracle so you can know I can do a ma NY mini miracles said cuz I’ve marked you so then I go and I say okay well I’m good I’m just gonna keep on my assignment I’m gonna do the last thing God told me to do and I’ma spend time in the presence of God I get a call at the beginning of the year my secretary I’m in the office she said Mike I said don’t even play with me don’t don’t don’t even do that she said they want you to come do all of their weekend services the week after Easter I said what he what are you saying to me she said they want you to come and at that moment I realized that God was writing a story that no man could get credit for okay so watch what happen we were already planning on coming back to inside elevation with the team of people they called and said hey um we want to actually host you when you come this time I said what you mean host we have seats for you we want you to be refreshed pastor Steven wants to meet you and and at that moment it was just like I had a surreal moment God said I’m the one that can take you from not having a seat in the auditorium so twelve months later being escorted to a seat with your name on it all y’all better hear y’all better hear me elevation you are you are and you are but will you let God do it and I stand here before you today not as somebody who’s a professional minister I stand before you as somebody that was marked and approved in prizes and God raised me up gave me and elevations here what I’m saying to you he’s no respecter of persons that if you will go through this process of Lao ingushetia leave and he gets all the glory let’s get some crazy hey thanks for watching two things I want you to do first click our logo to subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss a 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