The DNC is still showing side effects of the debauchery that took place under the morons that ran Bernie Sanders out of the race. The new DNC head feels that the only way to save the liberals and Democrats is to clean house. This move may work, but it’s rather bold.

From Truth Monitor:

Tom Perez just took over as chairman of the Democratic National Committee after it got trounced in the polls in November. Now, he’s made a radical move to change up the DNC in a way that nobody saw coming.

Right Wing News reported that Perez just fired the entire DNC staff after Democrats lost the presidency and both houses of Congress as well as numerous governorships last year. Though staffers in the DNC had been warned that firings were about to take place, they never imagined that the entire staff would be let go.

The firings began in November, but Perez finished the job this week by sending out mass resignation letters. He is hoping to completely remake the DNC by handpicking the new staffers himself.

It should be noted that the mainstream media is portraying Perez’s move as one of necessity, yet when Attorney General Jeff Sessions did the same thing, they vilified him for it. It’s extremely common for cabinet heads to get rid of staffers from the previous administration, yet when Sessions did just that, the mainstream media called him corrupt and unethical.

Perez is actually doing something that is rather surprising of a Democrat. They usually double down with the liars and fraudsters. Maybe Perez is an actual liberal and not what the liberals have morphed into over the last 50 years. Liberals will be mad, but if they want to win anymore elections, they’re going to have to start changing things up. Perez seems to understand that.