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And beyond the fight for the Senate there are several other races to keep an eye on and with the primary season right around the corner mail-in ballots went out today to voters CBS 4s Ralph Creighton is live at miami-dade election headquarters in Doral with important information voters need to know about real only at the rush is on here right now at the miami-dade County Elections Office there are plenty of important things that you need to know when it comes to dates to remember but we also wanted to let you know how these races are shaping up so here’s an overview at the miami-dade County Elections Office incoming 284,000 vote by mail ballots ready to be turned around and shipped out to voters across miami-dade County for the August 28th primary an election for which turnout is typically low but in a year with high-profile names on the ballot elections officials say vote by mail requests surging compared to other times there is definitely an increase as we see that vote by mail is definitely a method that more people are choosing to vote on all eyes on the battle for who will become the nominee in the race for governor some household names for the Democrats there’s former Miami Beach mayor Philip Levine and widely considered a frontrunner former congresswoman Gwen Graham challenging in a state that has never before elected a woman for its highest office on the Republican side congressman Rob De Santis and Florida agricultural commissioner Adam Putnam who was ahead of De Santis in fundraising in polls that is until with a single tweet Donald Trump bestowed the lead on De Santis the shadow of presidential power looming large over that race Putnam now down double digits Putnam also recently the target of parkland survivors over his pro NRA platform students David and Diane at public tsubasa more than that experts watching the parkland effect what could be key in Florida’s decision 2018 some think attributable to parkland student activism young voter registration in Florida up 8% among 18 to 29 year olds Ileana ros-lehtinen seat is up but the race getting national attention and shaping up to be a hotly contested dogfight come November is for Senate seeking his fourth term Democratic Senator Bill Nelson facing off against Governor Rick Scott the latest polling shows the two are virtually tied this is Scott with a slight edge so here are some of those important dates to remember August 22nd is the deadline to request an absentee ballot of course that does have to be in by the election day which is the 28th early voting begins August 13th in miami-dade it’s August 16th and Broward you don’t have to remember all those right now you can find all of that information on our website at we’re live in Doral real creighton cbs4 news

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