M. Night Shyamalan’s BRICK


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(suspenseful music) – We keep him heavily sedated, but there is a reason for that. – He’s too thoughtful. (Suspenseful music) – The three of you think you have extortionary gifts, like something out of a comic book. (laser weapon fires) (Building explodes) I’ve developed an effective treatment for this disorder. (coughs) The light will force a different identity to take over. (shutter sounds) – Evolve! Quit yanking on it! What hand is this? I love lamp. I’m what some people call mentally retarded. (shutter sounds) – So your not gonna shake my hand and let me walk out of here. (laughs) – Good one. (suspenseful sound) I’m brick. I was dead last week. – I’m here to see if tales of the extraordinary being are true. May I meet the beast? (hissing) (Suspenseful sounds) I need your abilities, to get us all out of here, (suspenseful sound) And show the world we exist. (bear growl) – I stabbed a man in the heart. – That sounds like the bad guys teaming up. (suspenseful sound) Do you believe you are an avenging angel, partner? (suspenseful sound) – You’re gonna die! (laughs) (suspenseful sound) – I have to get outta here, before he gets out.

– They are contained. (suspenseful sounds) – They always underestimate the mastermind. (suspenseful music) – It has begun. (laughs) I found someone who will require your full potential. (suspenseful music) You shouldn’t be hiding in the shadows. You might want to try and stop us. – I didn’t ask for these powers. I was given them. – A lot of people are going to die. – God damn you! Loud noises! Here I come, Ma! I am Brick! (suspenseful music) – I like your hair. It looks like wet popcorn. (rusty hinge swinging) .

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