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Stephen I know you feel silly but I feel silly victory puppies boys actually boy sweet we can’t be that happy because if the puck hadn’t have hit that microphone the Leafs would have lost 12 nothing so so I’m a moment of silence for our friends now you’re right screw that yeah I love you guys I missed you guys you’re wasting away your skin eats get you nice and fat big fat no sorry you too fat no you’re off campus I think um last last video was a little extra think emotions were running high and people were a little upset and if this doesn’t prove the winning cures all I don’t know what does shouldn’t count okay three two two over the Tampa Bay Lightning in what was just like the last game between these two I thought a playoff game the Leafs I thought a much better performance their best performance in weeks Tampa Bay a far better performance in the last game and they lose because hockey I might as well just get to a Tampa Bay fans if I were you I had a bunch of people go well they outplayed the Leafs just sitting there like is this a bit what you miss the last one you have worked if I were you I’d be a little worried I know I know you’re probably saying what everyone said to me last night ah it’s one game have you seen the standings we’re fine get back to me when it’s the playoffs yeah you know who was saying stuff like that a few weeks ago the Leafs so let me tell you Tampa it’s gone poorly but the other thing I would say just appreciate that it was a good game there were too many people complaining about the microphone at the end of the game and this call that call look if there’s a greedy stuff and it’s clearly one-sided alright it’s not like I haven’t done that before but this game was a lightning fast no pun intended and it was sloppy the lightnings first goal came on the power play after Steven Stamkos got hauled down on a breakaway the guy was offside the Hyman slashing comb em and also after the puck hit the microphone that little Fiasco I saw a lot of Lee fans going well play to the whistle I don’t think that was I think the problem was headman knew he wasn’t gonna win that race if you watch the replay back the guy had to beat to the puck was capital smoked with that I’m gonna complain to the ref hey the Atlantic is a dogfight maybe lightning fans haven’t noticed from a pawn they’re thrown but it’s not about the Atlantic it’s not even about the East it’s about the popcorn maker and may the best team win so now that we’ve got all that sportsmanship stuff out of the way Freddie Anderson was a rock star I can’t name a single player that had a bad game loving what Mike Babcock did with the lineup that Johnson Tavares marner line just works and when Hyman came back from injury it made sense to put him back there and it worked in the first game too but that line just got their teeth kicked in Willie’s been slumping obviously Matthews has been slumping less talked about and Babcock went back to what’s worked the yonce in Tavares marner line and he put Hyman back with Matthews and Neil and ER and in a game where Babcock knew he wasn’t gonna use his fourth line very much because they got destroyed the last time against Tampa he reunited the hungry hungry hippo lines at times that’s Hyman Matthews Brown Marlowe with his best game in a couple weeks Kadri with his best game in a couple weeks captain and fired up and flying as always the top pair did their job steady even haensi Thurman oceania played their part Nikita Zaitsev had two assists against the best team in the league and if I do say so myself Jake Gardner with a hell of a game let’s talk about now I’ve been highly critical of the Leafs starts and rightfully so they’ve been bad and this game was sort of similar to how they’ve been all season but a bit better it’s over seven minutes in and the shots are three nothing Tampa at least didn’t have a shot until cabin and got one but three is three and true to form the cabin and one was a scoring chance I thought so when I say the leaf starts are bad don’t be too much attention to the shot clock that is consistently bad though shot counter there’s no clock sorry it’s when the other team is hemming the Leafs in their own zone and getting chance after chance and the Leafs are getting nothing that’s when it’s bad the Leafs at very least held the fort in this one before coming on leaps third pair on the ice trying to break out of the zone Tampa Bay breaks it up past the Stamkos at the blue line I don’t know looks pretty close to offside to me Stamkos with a partial break oh you get off with a little bit of a hook and Freddie makes the same so this is what I’ve talked about a few times with the whole offside review rule the offside video reviews are to make sure you get the call right because it’s a play that could seriously affect the game but the flaw in the rule is there’s a certain element of if it’s missed it’s missed there’s a lot of plays you can’t review and you can’t review that one like what has happened recently as the Leafs have entered the zone offside there was between fifteen and thirty seconds of time that elapsed and then they score it was deemed offside the goal doesn’t count and what they do is they roll the clock back to when the offside occur basically making the entire play where the goal happened not exists so if we’re gonna go by those rules Steven Stamkos drew a hooking penalty on Igor’s again off in a period of time that did not exist but of course that’s ridiculous and I’m plays like this we allow reps to be human but on other plays we don’t so then what happens is Tampa goes on the powerplay and Braden point bangs in a goal and he scores Tampa goes up one nothing what would have been better is if Stamkos on that partial break scored the Leafs review it it’s deemed offside it’s zero zero because if he had scored you can review that ref I shouldn’t have got a penalty there that plays offside what that’s ridiculous nevermind ref he scored but I think he was offside oh well then we have to get on the phone right away this whole thing is turned into putting strawberry ice cream in a lasagna the lasagna being goals in the strawberry ice cream being getting the call right hey separately I like both those things so combining the two should be great and after my first fork fall I go murder terrible mistake it’s a good idea in theory I’m not ashamed for trying this but it just hasn’t really worked where was I going with this where was about the Leafs lightning game ah one one nothing late lightning power play end rant it’s just an observation why do you review calls for gold because we want to get it right what about for penalties okay slow down we don’t want to get it that right it’s weird it’s all mine Casper recapping and trying to answer back for the Leafs rocketskates down the wing restless key stop somebody almost vaporizes his groin in the process that line continues an excellent shift Marlowe digging in the corner capita puts it on he stopped Kadri back it’s time for scoring goals with Nazem Kadri bob ross hi everyone it’s so good to see again I’m Nazem Kadri Bob Ross and we’re gonna do it a little differently today usually I show you how to draw sweet penalty calls because trouble all along but today I’m going to show you how to score a goal is the lighting better if we do it this way of course it is Anna might hand when I’m drawing but first we’re gonna start simple we’re gonna do a net you couldn’t find the red marker so you get the orange one and look at that whoo 3d that’s okay a little bit more even there okay 3d so now you got the net and then of course what you’re gonna have to draw next is you there you are holding your stick drawing a couple biceps there because you’re jacked that’s right and the last thing you’re gonna want to add in there is the puck ah look at that now scoring your goal is very simple all you have to do is put the puck in the net but as you can see I’ve drawn three things and to be honest it’s not the easiest thing ever it’s not the easiest thing to take this puck this has been scoring goals with Nazem Kadri bob ross hockey’s fun not pictured is the 800-pound gorilla that got thrown into the stands Leafs can’t capitalize on a victor headsman puck over the glass penalty that hurt but overall a nice little period of hockey tie game 1-1 after one how long is this video already Leafs start to the second period is excellent Matthews with a nice little chance Andres Johnson with maybe an even better chance and Andre Besner Levski makes the save as little over halfway through the period captain has the puck the Lightning seems scared or like at very least on guard because they know what he can do and the funniest thing happened he handed it off to Zaitsev and they stopped caring sites have wisely takes the puck for a little walk throws it in front catch it almost gets another one and patty Marlowe scores to put the Leafs up two to one his 11th of the season man did this line look good tonight police have the lead they’re saying Kadri did get a piece of it so Zaitsev still without a primary points and primary points are important but this is an example of a secondary assist that was pretty important so much defensive offense is generated from I don’t know throw it on net and see what happens decisive did that here aggressively and it paid off and you want to talk about the kind season Nazem Kadri ‘he’s having he could have had another one there and so fitting the Patrick Marleau would score in this game because why was he good in the playoffs last year and this game had playoffs written all over unfortunately less than 40 seconds later Tampa Tyson Tampa’s attacking with three guys the Leafs are defending with three guys stalemate Viktor headman comes in forward support does not come in quick enough and he is able to snipe on Freddy Andersen – – just like that I’m not really sure what happened there that must have been a wonky line change watching the replay back it looks like Neil ander and Hyman are both going off yeah Simon’s realizing goes new and it’s just a little bit hard to catch a freight train I gained about a minute later it’s slow motion Vasil Levski after making a nice play on the previous goal sort of makes a bit of a mistake a miscalculation and it just happened so quickly Johnson in the corner what the puck throws it behind the three lightning players are converging on Tavares who now has the puck and that’s when your brain just goes ancient you don’t have complex thoughts and sentences going on in your head you just act on instinct and in one fell swoop Johnny T’s brain said no need to tell me I’ll fill up the jar myself smarter scores his 19th of the season leaps up 3-2 what I tell you man that might works that slide against a crime and I won yon sit on that line because it works Oh a diamond on the Matthews line because it works we’ve seen it Willie sees a holding call and Viktor headman so Italy’s got a killer penalty before they can get to the third and we’re on pace for about a goal every 20 seconds after this last little flurry so look out and at least kill off that penalty and they go to the third period with the laitanan super easy mm-hmm have fun captioning this one early in the third period hymen takes a slashing call on circuit are you sure here’s a question when is the first time this is gonna happen because if you trip a guy or hook a guy and they go they call you for the trip or the hook but they also call that player for embellishment there’s a player gonna get a call for not holding on to their stick the call is usually shut up and pick up your stick on this power play oh my god koutris I’m gonna check Freddie’s grind all these but the lease and indeed Frederick Andersen survived and they survived the whole third period in fact the Leafs even go on the attack and Gardner who’s been having such a good game such a good game he likes to do this play on the road especially because in the first and third period the left side of the ice which he plays on is on the opposite side of the bench if his defense partner has the puck he like cheats out of the zone doesn’t full-blown go for it but when the coast is clear he’s at like center ice receiving that pass and the rush has begun he was so good at that in this game but with about two and a half minutes left he ices the puck Tampa is able to pull Vasilevsky for the extra attacker and I’m like sweetheart for the love of don’t let the lightning score on this play at this point I don’t even care if the Lightning tied up just at least clear the zone and let Gardner get off the ice luckily the Leafs survived and Jake maybe owes Freddy little some Stamkos continues to try to make the puck not exist anymore and with under a minute to go puck on Nikita Zaitsev stick clears it off the glass Zack hymens got a break he’s got a growing Brent why did they stop skating and dude I was scared from the TV camera angle it looked like hymen hit the post and there’s still like a minute left on my mouth but no it went in but there’s still a kerfuffle that’s what I was terrible watching it live I thought the Lightning were complaining that hymen didn’t score and I’m like well that’s reviewable he did score what they were complaining about was that the puck went out and I’m like what they show the replay and it’s unclear exactly what happened but now that they mention it how did the puck stay in it looks like the puck might have hit this microphone that’s on the board sits like taped on there like a last minute science fair project I know from experience it might have even rolled across the top of the glass which I’ve never seen before but it stayed in hyman got the puck and it said Tampa didn’t manage to score again so it didn’t even matter it maybe it’s more of a story if they do but they didn’t here’s my question why should that be out of play the pucks allowed to take a funny bounce off the stanchion and it doesn’t matter the puck can hit the ref and it doesn’t matter unless it goes directly in oh listen it sucks but I don’t understand why it shouldn’t be allowed and what’s funny is earlier in the game I was even saying like wow the puck is being shot into the netting a lot tonight and it just so happened to me the story at the end of the game but screw that the story at the end of the game to me was the Leafs won they played a fantastic game and Freddy Anderson turned in one of his best performances of the season Babcock made changes before the game and during that worked and also the idea that Tampa Bay outplayed the Leafs hmm they out shot the leaves 38 to 31 for sure here’s the only part where I think the Lightning of the play the Leafs the Lightning were able to draw for penalties the Leafs only drew to the Lightning who out shot the Leafs by seven had seven more power play shots than the Leafs each team surrendered one short-handed shot so it even strength the shots on goal were dead even now Tampa Bay’s power play looked horrifying and murderous and it is part of the game and it’s actually a similar story to the last game because the Leafs had a ton of power play opportunities and weren’t able to convert Tampa did convert in this one they were one for four didn’t come up with a win look leading up to the game all the preparation on my guess charts tables and all that once the game starts I’m like just win I don’t care how you do it just do it they did it and now they’re the reigning they did it champions questions can Tampa compete with top teams he gets asked about the Leafs so often that I just sort of ignore when you attach another team to that question it just sounds a dumb you’re cheeky I like you oh this one isn’t a question but it’s worth mentioning in this video so did you hear boos when Jay Gardner had the puck pretty weird especially considering the games in Tampa here’s a tweet from someone who was actually at the game from Jay Jacobson 34 it was actually all Tampa fans I was at the game in the same section as them Leafs fans were all cheering for him there were even signs at warm-up for him got to get a little bit up close with this one that’s awesome listen some things were said about the Leafs fan base after last game meet me among the many fan base has idiots realistically how many people were even booing Gardner at Scotiabank in Toronto didn’t sound like a lot 50 people buildings got thousands of people in at any gathering of thousands of people who’s gonna have some stupid ones we’re gonna have this big intervention next time a fan leaves a floater in the bathroom – I’m so thoroughly done with this thank you so much for that tweet there Jenna maybe I’ll end with this these lines seem to work maybe Babs can stop changing them every game listen line juggling is important and it’s funny because when Babcock started I was like do more and now he’s doing too much here’s what Babcock should do change the lines when necessary over the past month or so I thought he’s been making a lot of unnecessary line changes but after the Colorado game it seemed obvious that they needed some he made some and they worked on Mike Babcock a few things before we wrap up Australian friends hello the book that is coming out in March is actually listed on book topia now so you can pre-order it there and reminder to everyone I have a book Lincoln Sam there you might have noticed there’s also a bunch of merch down there and if you’re interested there’s actually new merch I just didn’t really talk about it and there is a brand new pantego Pizza Steve Daniel podcast which you should put in your life and consider making a donation to the monitor all proceeds go to Sick Kids Hospital so that is it for this one thank you very much for watching click like if you liked this video click Subscribe if you really like to tell all your friends you hear that it’s peace and quiet isn’t that nice I’ll got that lease play tonight whatever let’s do this

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