LEGENDARY! Ted Cruz Walks On to Senate Floor and Savagely SHREDS Obama for Betraying Israel

Constitutional conservative Ted Cruz went to town on Barack Obama and SecState John Kerry on the Senate floor recently over their anti-Israel actions.Specifically, he refers to the United Nations vote from which the U.S. abstained and Israeli settlements were condemned.Worth the watch…

From The Blaze:Texas Sen. Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor late this week to deliver a scathing 20-minute speech rebuking President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry for their anti-Israel actions in the final weeks of the Obama administration.According to Cruz, history will record Obama and Kerry as “relentless enemies” of Israel, something the Obama administration “designed” their foreign policy to accomplish.

“President Obama and John Kerry’s actions were designed to secure a legacy, and in that they have succeeded,” Cruz said. “History will record and the world will note that Barack Obama and John Kerry are relentless enemies of Israel.”Cruz continued later in the speech:

Unlike Barack Obama and John Kerry, I do not consider the existence and creation of Israel to be a disaster. And the government of the United States should not be suggesting such a thing. Kerry’s speech attempted to lay out an historic and seismic shift toward the delegitimization of our ally Israel. And it is a sign of their radicalism and refusal to defend American interests that Obama and Kerry chose to attack the only inclusive democracy in the Middle East, a strong, steadfast ally of America, while simultaneously turning a blind eye to the Islamic terrorism that grows daily.