KNEW IT! Jill Stein’s Recount May Have Failed, but Look How Much Money She’s Receiving from It…

One of Jill Stein’s election slogans was “It’s In Our Hands”. Well, it appears it is in their hands now. According to the Red Alert Politics, the Green Party’s nominee will get a $2 million dollar refund from her recount effort.

The Green Party nominee raised more money for her recount effort than she did for both her presidential bids in 2012 and 2016 combined, a total of $7.3 million. She spent nearly $600,000 of that quickly failed recount on consultants and staff, which may have been more than they earned working on her campaign.

She had paid for recounts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan by raising donations from people. According to the Washington Free Beacon, since the recount was stopped in Michigan she’s getting money back for the counties they didn’t count, which amounts to about 592,000. She will also get some money back from Wisconsin as well, since the recount there turned out to be cheaper than expected.

It was anticipated to be $3.5 million but turned out to be $2 million. So from that she gets back $1.5 million. Pennsylvania didn’t allow a recount. Stein says she does not intend to keep the money herself, but that she will use it to start a ‘voter integrity group’. How about using it to start a ‘political integrity group’, to stop politicians from scamming donations out of people?