Just When You Thought DNC Hack Couldn’t Get Any Worse for Dems Comes Bad News for Clinton Campaign [Video]

The Democratic Party has had a really, really bad week.

An email hack at the Democratic National Committee revealing systematic pro-Hillary bias led to the precipitous resignation of former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (who was promptly swooped up and given an “honorary” position by the Clinton campaign.)

Then the interim chair, Donna Brazile, was implicated in pro-Clinton bias, leading to her immediate dismissal from her CNN commentator position.
During all the tumult and commotion, another embarrassing leak made its way into headlines: Voicemails at the DNC. Thus far, the damage has been limited to appearances of anti-Sanders bias in the Democratic Party.

The DNC emails, suspected to be hacked by Russians but subsequently released by Wikileaks, fueled Bernie Sanders supporters in their protests. Those Democrats angered by what they see as a “rigged system” were a disruptive factor at the convention; their presence was even felt during Hillary Clinton’s presidential nomination speech.

While Hillary Clinton was speaking, a large banner was unfurled with one word on it: Wikileaks.

As if to add to the drama, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was also hacked. It admitted that an attack had taken place, and avowed that it would tighten its security:

“The DCCC takes this matter very seriously. With the assistance of leading experts we have taken and are continuing to take steps to enhance the security of our network in the face of these recent events.”
Now comes word of another potentially damaging hack of […]