JUST IN: Republican Senator Goes ROGUE! Laura Ingraham RIPS Him To SHREDS!

Laura Ingraham’s WARNING to Traitor Jeff Flake is SHOCKING the Establishment!
Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona is not only an Anti-Trump globalist but he is also a Bozo the Clown of “Chucky Schumer” proportions.

When it to comes to Republican Congressional representation, the state of Arizona is sorely lacking. You have the Establishment hack, John Mcain, who sabotaged the republican effort to repeal Obamacare, and you have this flaky Establishment clown, Jeff Flake, going on TV every five minutes to peddle his anti-trump book

From the Washington Post:

To understand why the Arizona Republican is risking his political career this week to publish a book lambasting the president requires familiarity with a pivotal but largely forgotten episode in the early history of the modern conservative movement.

It was 1962 — the same year Flake was born. Robert Welch, a retired candy maker, had won a massive following on the right as the leader of the extremist John Birch Society. The Birchers were trying to attach themselves to the emerging presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater. William F. Buckley, the founder of National Review, wanted to write Welch and his kooky ideas out of the movement.

Recognizing that it could cost him crucial support, Goldwater nonetheless endorsed the effort. “We cannot allow the emblem of irresponsibility to attach to the conservative banner,” the Arizona senator wrote for the magazine.

***If the Amazon.com school newspaper loves him, then you know he’s a joke!

Laura Ingraham to the rescue! Laura Ingraham, well known radio talk show host, author, and conservative political commentator, could not stand by and listen to this”Flake” constantly bashing the president, so she took to the airwaves and to Twitter. Ingraham Tweeted:

“I look forward to campaigning against @JeffFlake in AZ and for one of his able primary challengers. Stand by for the fireworks!


She also predicts that Flake will end up switching to the Democratic Party, Tweeting this: