John Kerry Is In Trouble For What Donald Trump Just Found In Syria… THIS IS HUGE!

The Former Secretary of State under Obama was John Kerry and if you remember he stood in front of the American people and claimed that the Obama administration got rid of the chemical weapons that the Syrian Government had at the time.

Here are the results from the Trump strike in Syria. Do you see the mysterious containers in the video below?

It turns out that the Syrian government actually had chemical weapons the whole time.


It turns out that when John Kerry said that the Obama administration “got 100 percent of chemical weapons out of Syria” – that he was lying.

Kerry said that. He said that “we got 100 percent of the chemical weapons out.”

Politifact recently changed their rating of Secretary of State John Kerry from a true statement to an obviously false statement.

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Get this out there. Obama has blood on his hands and we need Trump to address this! (h/t Breitbart)