IT’S OFFICIAL: White House To Make Decision – George Soros Is In HUGE Trouble

It looks like things are finally turning against the progressive billionaire George Soros. He’s had a good run so far, but Americans are getting tired of him pushing his political machinations upon our country.

According to: truthfeed

We reported on Thursday that the new White House petition to declare George Soros a terrorist had 60,000 signatures, and in just two short days, the petition has reached its goal at 106,359 signatures!

This is amazing news for American patriots everywhere; we have watched the evil George Soros use his billions to spread chaos and hatred for too long.

Soros, who has direct Nazi ties and is wanted in several countries throughout Europe, used his money to fund Alt-Left terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and has manipulated U.S. politics and elections for decades.

It’s time this wicked man be charged as a terrorist and held accountable for his crimes throughout the world.

George Soros truly is the kingpin of international far-Left factions with his bank account funding most of these groups. As his efforts to impose his worldview of “open-societies” continues to go against the will of the nations he violates, the billionaire is going to be met with increasing resistance as the years go on.