iPhone XS Max – NEW TITAN Edition 2018 – HANDS ON!


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In this episode of tech for breakfast we’re gonna be taking a look at that Sweet sweet just released iPhone XS Max Titan Edition. Let’s roll that intro motha f… So in case you’ve been living under a rock apple just released their newest flagship phones the iPhone XR the iPhone XS the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XS max Titan edition I’m joined here by my co-host Myself who was born of a freak cloning accident not too long ago. Hi. I like phones. I shall henceforth refer to him as number 4 so we were lucky enough to be contacted directly from one of apples product managers and and asked if we would like to get our hands on one of the few available iPhone XS Max Titan Editions Of course, we said yes Why don’t you uhm… grab the phone Now as you can see this thing is no joke It is built for the on-the-go business man or woman who does not cut corners this powerhouse can calculate things way faster than any other calculator out there Oh look…

the number 42 uhm…how useful. or even play three, count em, three instances of Doom running on nightmare settings For those long flights when you just need to kick back relax and shoot up some cyber demons. Also you can use it as a monitor for your Windows PC I like phones! .

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