‘I’m just glad to be alive’: Hurricane Michael tears through coastal city


American Today News

-When the storm hit, the wind was ferocious. When I went out yesterday and this morning, looks like a war zone with all the trees all over the street and everything. I had no real place to go, and I didn’t have much money. So we just sit there. We’re on a hill up there in St. Andrews, so it’s fairly safe, except for the wind. -When you have a golden opportunity to leave, you know, as far as they ask you to evacuate, but if you do decide to stay, you’re taking your life in your own hands. And if it’s supposed to happen, it’s gonna happen, and you just hope for the best. The rain started coming, and then the wind.

And I went to open up the door and get a little video going on there, next thing you know, my aunt’s fence just disappeared. It’s not a laughing matter. You know, we’ll all work together and get this cleaned up and start over fresh. Like I said, I went through Irma, and this one wasn’t near as bad as Irma. But it was bad enough. I’m just glad to be alive, that’s all. -Well, like the sun right now, the future’s great, bright. Just thank God that we made it through okay, and we’ll just take time to get over it. .

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