Hitman 2 – Sean Bean Elusive Target #1 Reveal | PS4


American Today News

It’s a talent of sorts I suppose. I never expected to be like this. They keep trying to kill me, you know? I’ve cheated death countless times. I’m like a stage magician… …I know all the tricks. They think they’re clever. But they’re nothing on me. I even managed to make them think I’d been blown up. I’ve always had a knack for explosives. Take that toy over there. It could make a blinding weapon. Doesn’t even need to be that complicated. There’s always things lying around. It’s easy, you know. You’ve gotta be creative with the things at hand. People don’t notice the small things. That’s the beauty of it. Look at that. Time’s up. I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have. It’s been good to… …unload. I know you’re watching.

Still not sent your birthday. Guess I’ll see you in Miami. .

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