Hillary Clinton Tweet About FBI Investigating Terrorists Backfires Instantly [Must see]

It seems like every liberal in the country has chimed in on the Orlando terrorist attack but not to condemn the actual cause of the attack but rather to push their own personal gun control narrative.

Every objective observer knows that radical Islam is to blame for this crime and that should be our focus.

But Democrats aren’t exactly the most rational people in the world and they would rather talk about more minor issues that shift the conversation away from being honest about Islam.

That is exactly what Hillary Clinton did and it makes you wonder why she thinks she has any business running for president.

Hillary suddenly cares about what the FBI thinks. Weird.

Of course, that brings up one pretty major issue.

Nailed it!

Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest hypocrites on the planet so obviously this shouldn’t come as a surprise but sometimes she says things that are just too ridiculous to ignore.

So apparently the FBI investigating a potential terrorist is a big deal but the FBI investigating people who possibly broke the law isn’t.

Got it.

No double standard there.

Just another example of Hillary living one way and then demanding the rest of the world live another.

Again, our thoughts and prayers are with all the people affected by this horrible tragedy in Orlando.