Hillary Clinton Just Got Slammed by Transgender Organization


Hillary Clinton just can’t seem to get anyone excited about her candidacy, while Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are killing it.

Maybe it’s Clinton fatigue, maybe people are just now coming around to understanding that Hillary is crooked.

Either way works.

Now, a transgender organization is throwing shade at the Democrat front runner…

From Daily Caller:

Hillary Clinton took heat from a transgender organization that says she failed to respond to a “trans-focused” presidential candidate questionnaire.

Trans United said in a press release last week that Donald Trump and other former Republican presidential candidates who received the survey did not respond to the questions related to the topic of transgender individuals. Trans United gave Clinton a May 27 deadline, but the organization has not announced that Clinton sent the questionnaire back yet.

“No Republican candidate’s campaign responded and both the Sanders and Clinton campaign committed to complete the survey. However, only the Sanders campaign has followed through on that commitment. Sanders’ completion of the questionnaire is a historic first,” Trans United said in a statement.

Trans United says the organization remain “disappointed and concerned by the Clinton campaign’s failure to complete the survey.”

The gay community is one Clinton needs on her side come November, and when all is said and done I’m sure most will wind up voting for her over Donald Trump.

But, a message is being sent here.

We. Don’t. Like. You. Period. Exclamation point. Another Period.