Hillary Caught On Tape Saying To “Deport Mexicans” And “Build A Wall,” She Wants This Gone

Everyone, at this point, should know Hillary Clinton’s campaign promises. They consist of towing the party line, and that includes amnesty for Mexican illegal immigrants as well as a host of other entitlements. It’s a sticking point that draws a line in the sand between progressives and someone like Donald Trump, who wants to deport illegals and have them come in legally if they go through the proper channels.

However, video never lies, and an old Hillary video was just unearthed with the current Democratic nominee talking about how she would deport illegal Mexican immigrants and how Mexico’s problems, namely that of immigration, is due to Mexico’s public policies and poverty and crime rates. Before she advocated for illegals to receive free healthcare, she railed on about how they’re a problem for America.

Just watch the video and see how two-faced she can be: