Hillary Canceled NC Trip Right Before Riot, Then Says THIS About Police

Without any explanation, Hillary Clinton canceled her fundraiser in North Carolina just hours before rioters lit a major city in that state on fire in violent protest of police. The Democrat presidential candidate refused to speak on her sudden postponement of that trip, making a sickening statement about law enforcement in the wake of this unrest instead.

The turnout to any of Hillary’s events is hilariously low, but she doesn’t care since she knows her supporters will still show up to the polls to vote for her on their way to the welfare office. Since she’s chronically sick, it’s hard enough to keep up with her campaign schedule, and considering that her voters were busy preparing to loot and riot last night, she probably knew there would be nobody there to welcome her at her event. We may never know why she suddenly canceled her stop near Charlotte, just hours before the city erupted in unrest, but what we’re sure of is whose side of the protest she’s standing on and why.

Sitting up from her sick bed after hearing what her voters were doing in Charlotte, she took to Twitter to show her support for the looters and rioters. Speaking as a person who can relate to criminals who want to commit their crimes and not be held accountable for it, Hillary blamed the police and made excuses for the thugs who she thinks are doing what they have to do for equality and justice. “Another unarmed Black man was …