Here’s Hoping They Never Understand Why Bernie Sanders Happened

…insurrection movement in the future will happen: the Democratic Party is tying all of its hopes and dreams to the Clinton Machine, which has only its own interests at heart and certainly not the general population’s.

If her appointment is just temporary, then the DNC has the chance to begin separating itself from Clinton, who could very well be a one-term president. Her age and health, along with the demands of a job that is well known to suck the life out of its holders, will do a lot to make a second run at president extremely difficult. She will probably not see another challenger of note from her own side, but she will definitely face a well-rested opponent from the Republican Party, one eager to take advantage of every bad thing that can and will happen for the next four years.

But, the DNC has proven itself to not be that smart. It kept Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on well past her prime and let her nearly muck things up for the rest of the party. It has brought back Donna Brazile, who is much more prolific and much more charismatic than DWS ever could hope to be… But Brazile is very much a Clinton person. If the DNC decided to keep Clinton people around long after the Clintons have come and gone, then it cannot hope to expand its hopelessly shallow bench.

Luckily, I don’t much care if they don’t fix themselves. It helps me sleep better at night knowing that my side has much less competition. Gives us a chance to rebuild after our own tremendous mistake.