Here’s Hoping They Never Understand Why Bernie Sanders Happened


Politico is reporting that the Democratic National Committee is hiring a Hillary Clinton fundraiser to be their new finance director, and while I’m sure the general public doesn’t actually care, it does raise a point that the DNC seems to be unable to comprehend, even with it’s incredibly incompetent former leader stepping down.

Angelique Cannon-Harris, who is currently Clinton’s deputy national finance director for the mid-Atlantic region, will soon move into the DNC’s offices on Capitol Hill, “but her main job is to be mid-Atlantic finance director,” Clinton finance director Dennis Cheng told DNC staff on a Saturday afternoon conference call during which new DNC executive director Brandon Davis announced the pick.

The move marks yet another subsuming of the DNC to the Clinton campaign, with its finance operation for the entire party being put under the responsibility of an aide who reports back to Brooklyn first.

A DNC official confirmed the call, calling it “another step since the Convention to seamlessly integrate our respective operations in order to help elect Hillary Clinton and Democrats up and down the ballot.”

The question will ultimately become whether or not Cannon-Harris remains at the job, or if it is just an interim appointment. If it’s the former, then we see exactly why Bernie Sanders and any other […]