Hazardous Waste: Cleanup, cost and complications for the Superfund sites of East TN


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What would you do if you found out you live near a hazardous waste site the Environmental Protection Agency considers those sites a threat to human health or the environment the agency calls them Superfund sites there are more than 1,300 Superfund sites across the United States you see the dots on that map three of those sites are right here in East Tennessee including one in Knox County this week we are taking an in-depth look at each of the sites that clean up and how it impacts you here’s wbi our ten News reporter Stephanie Haines if I build my home on nuclear weapons waste what happens to my kids thirty years later just outside st.

Louis there is more radioactive waste at the site than they thought communities in outraged over an underground fire burning near a radioactive landfill and the community has demanded that the EPA clean it up the EPA says it will the agency put the landfill on a list of 22 sites that need the EPA’s immediate attention making the Westlake landfill one of the most dangerous Superfund sites a Superfund site is quote any land in the United States that has been contaminated by hazardous waste and identified by the EPA as a candidate for cleanup because it poses a risk to human health and/or the environment according to the EPA there are 1341 Superfund sites across the United States and there are three right here in East Tennessee the Oak Ridge Reservation the Clinch River Corporation in Rowan County and Smoky Mountain smelters in Knox County to be clear these three sites are not like the one outside st. Louis but we wanted to learn more about them and about the Superfund program in 1980 Congress enacted Superfund law or the comprehensive Environmental Response compensation and Liability Act it allows the EPA to clean up the sites it also forces the potentially responsible party to pay for it the Superfund program has a trust fund but over the years Congress has given less than to the program and reports say cleanup has slowed that’s what scares the people in the communities that live around the West Lake landfill we are praying for them but so that behind the scenes they can do and be allowed to do what they need to do to keep our kids and our community safe and on our website wboc.com the Manhattan Project could take decades rather than jobs all right Stephanie thank you

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