Guess Who Refuses to Attend Trump’s Inauguration!

Who is not going to be at the Presidential Inauguration on January 20th? We’ll give you a few guesses… and it’s not Hillary Clinton. She and Bill with stand with Trump for a stronger America. Sorry, I had to.

Nope, its not the Clintons. Instead, it is a former Republican presidential candidate who has decided not to take the trip to D.C. According to the Tampa Bay Times:

Jeb Bush has praised Donald Trump’s administration picks but he’s not going too far in embracing his former rival. The former governor will not attend the inauguration, a spokeswoman said… …Bush attended Ronald Reagan’s inaugurations, when his father was vice president, his father’s inauguration and his brother’s. He has not attended others, spokeswoman Kristy Campbell said.

So, let me get this straight–though he has publicly praised Donald Trump’s administration, he has decided not to support the Republican president-elect? He attends the inaugurations of Republicans related to him, but stops short of supporting the party as a whole. Maybe Jeb Bush is still a little sour over Trump’s remarks during the GOP debates–or, the brilliant Saturday Night Live skits portraying Jeb as skittish, slow, and sensitive. Cheer up, Jeb. You’re supposed to hail from the sunshine state.