Falcon BMS – ICP Tutorial #1 – UFC generalidades & CNI page – English subtitles


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Hi and welcome to Revientor Reborn, this is Falcon BMS and I´m starting this new serie of tutorials about the UFC (Up Front Controls) the ICP and DED let´s go to cockpit, go to center the view on them on the right that screen is the DED all this buttons under the HUD are the ICP Today I will speak about the CNI page, that view of the DED communication, information & navigation then some general ways to use the ICP for the next videos goes faster and do not have to explain the general use or how to use the idea of this tutorial is teach how it works the ICP not all related systems there are some differences in some F16 models like the F16I and I will cover all of that ones in each button I will speak what does in the real plane and in BMS if I found the correct info of course If I don´t find info of some buttons and the do nothing in BMS may be I do not make a tutorial of that one let´s go with the tutorial, start with general info the F- have 7 master modes, Nav, AA, AG, MRM, DGFT, S-J, E-J they are called master modes due when you push one of that master button the plane confi all the screens to a determined state there are override mode, they are shortcuts to get fast access to some options there are 5 of them, com1, com2, F-ack, list , Iff the DCS (Data Command Switch) , have the option up, down rtn and seq with the DCS you can interact with the DED and select where to edit a parameter up and down move it, rtn go back to this menu on the ded the CNI, and SEQ can activate something in the menu or go to other submenu in the CNI as you can see seq show the wind info with the rocked prev/next beside the DCS that will change the info where those small arrows on the DED are placed all the numbers from 1 to 9, they are quined of override modes, the manual call them primary-secondary due they can jump into a menu from the CNI page or type a value in other places where the scratchpad is the 0 , ENT and RCL do nothing, the ent usual accept a data, recall (rcl) to delete the last value entered with one press, a second press delete the whole line and the 0 will type a 0 or activate/desactivate something in some menus you can change a value using a random number from 1 to 9 and the 0 do nothing that are the basics to know, let´s talk of the CNI page Communication, navigation , interrogation it´s just the info of what radios you have selected, the setpoint selected, and the wind info, on ground is always 0 speed, the system clock, and we can activate a hack, we´ll see that alter and the IFF info of all the modes that are active, and also the TACAN or the DMS the general way to works is explained, the F-ack is also unknown as UFC, on the left, using that button, when you have some damaged there is this other “ded screen”, PFL, with that button you will cycle all the faults detected in the PFL screen F-ack, come from acknowledge some example of the numbers, go to com1,we can see the scratchpad thee are the small arrows, of previos/next, I can use that rocket, and the scratchpad is this two asterisks and use the DCS to move it now there are some space between the asterisks, I can type there, for example 452, push enter, because the value is invalid, the scratchpad goes to flashing mode using recall I can type again, 1111, aa I type one extra 1, with recal I can delete one digit, but the second one all is deleted a valid number is entered and in this com1 page in particular when it´s accepted you return automatically to the CNI page with the rtn you always come back to CNI page I think all is said, the scratchpad can be over a place where you can not type, you have to use the 0 to select that option, in other places is not that way here for example in NB i can use the numbers 1 to 9 to change to NB to WB, but with the 0 is not.

it´s kind of particular the 0, normally will select in inverted video color, green, to des/activate the option well that was the video if you liked, please give me a thumbs up, comment below subscribe if you are not one it´s free!! bye bye be happy .

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