Elizabeth Warren Compares Donald Trump To Kim Jong Un On ‘The View’

We all know that liberals have completely lost touch with reality during the Trump era.Yes, we get it, he said rude things on the campaign trail.How long is it going to take you to get over that? This week, Elizabeth Warren took things to a ridiculous level when talking about Trump.

She compared him to the ruthless dictator in North Korea on ‘The View’.

From The Daily Caller:

On Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” Elizabeth Warren ran with a comparison between President Trump and North Korea’s dear leader Kim Jong Un.When the topic of North Korea came up during her guest spot on the ABC program, the Massachusetts senator said that “we know that [Kim Jong Un] is an unstable man who has nuclear weapons…” “You’re talking about Trump now,” joked Joy Behar.
Warren ran with this comparison, concluding that Trump is “[an unstable man who has nuclear weapons] about to deal with an unstable man who has nuclear weapons. What could possibly go wrong?”