Donald Trump Sends Out Nasty Cruz Tweet After Indiana Race Was Called

Trump and Ted

Donald Trump decisively won the Indiana primary tonight which means that he will be the GOP nominee for president.

That fact was made even more clear when Ted Cruz announced he was dropping out of the race.

However, Donald got a little bit of flack for tweeting out an attack against Cruz even though the Indiana race had been called as Trump victory.

Here is the tweet in question.

Trump was very magnanimous in his speech after Cruz dropped out and it is very possible Trump didn’t know he had won Indiana since the tweets were just minutes apart.

Even if Trump had known about the Indiana victory he still probably would have sent out the tweet I mean that’s what the guy does.

However, it is very likely we have seen the last Trump tweet that targets someone in the GOP.

At least I hope so. You never know with this guy.

Now, it’s time to go after the Dems.