Disturbing VIRAL PHOTO of Hillary Surrogate Mark Cuban SEXUALLY DEGRADING Women

Mark Cuban, the unhinged star of Shark Tank and Hillary Clinton Fanboy, apparently has a dark and disturbing past of abusing and sexually accosting women.

Cuban, who promoted teen porn series “Girls Gone Wild,” and is also famous for saying that he’d “cross the street if he saw a black person in a hoodie,” is Hillary’s VIP GUEST at Monday’s debate.

It’s disturbing that she would invite someone with a dark and disturbing anti-woman past – however, it gets worse.

A recently uncovered photo of Mark Cuban pulling a woman’s hair, while exposing himself as emerged.

Hillary, is THIS the type of person you want representing YOU, your campaign, and sitting FRONT ROW at the debate?

Is this representative of your so-called “Champion of Women” cause?

Hillary, do you DISAVOW this sexually depraved monster?