DHS Chief Just Released A Terrifying Statement That Will Make You Never Want To Go Outside Again

Memorial Day weekend begins today. People use this as a weekend to party, eat cheap hot dogs, do keg stands, and thank the military for allowing us the freedom to seldom act like idiots.

Then there’s this guy John Kelly who put a realistic dent in the fun before it starts. He’s the Homeland Security Chief and he gave us the heads up that a terror attack could happen at any time. While that’s something we already know, we’re more interested in what else Kelly knows.

It almost seems like the the way Kelly says this isn’t in the sense that we all know terror attacks happen at random moments. But it was more like he knew something specific was in the air and it left us all wondering what it could be. Or where, who, what, etc…

Homeland Security Chief John Kelly offered a dire assessment of the terror situation in America on Friday, just as many Americans were preparing for holiday travel.

Kelly said a terror attack ‘can happen almost here any time’ during a Fox News appearance.

Recalling a conversation he was having off-air with Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy, Kelly said from the famous Fox couch, ‘I was telling Steve on the way in here, if, if he knew what I know about terrorism, he’d never leave the house in the morning.’

The first reaction is for us to tell Kelly to tell us what he knows. Obviously if there’s information that pertains to terrorists, then he certainly can’t tell all the details to the public. If he does that, then he reveals that he knows what’s planned and the terrorists change their plans. It wouldn’t make sense for him to reveal what he knows and allow people to respond or react to it. It also doesn’t make sense for him to provide purposeful misinformation in hopes that terrorists respond to that, because that might create unnecessary fear and panic in the American citizens. So what does he do? He tells us what we already know and leaves it at that. It still leaves you wondering though, right?

He quickly added, ‘But the good news is, again, we have the finest men and women in uniform, out of uniform, police officers, local law enforcement, New York City cops protecting us.’

Friday marks the start of Memorial Day weekend in the US, a holiday dedicated that’s formally dedicated to the nation’s fallen but many Americans use for vacation.

Kelly’s terror warning came after terrorists carried out four attacks in one week across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Is that a slip up? He said New York City cops. Is there a terror attack planned in NYC this weekend? If he had just said “cops” without specifying the NYC police, then what would we think? Sure, he may have been IN NYC at the time and was simply talking about protection in his locality, but that still leaves some minds wandering and wondering what he knows.

Do we want to know more information? I think we do, but I also think we don’t. Everyone loves knowing everything, but think about this from the mind of a terrorist. If they think we’re expecting an attack in NYC, then maybe they change their mind and attack San Francisco. If NYC increases security, then why would they still attack when there’s less chance of success? What happens if every city is on high alert and all eyes are open and watching everyone’s activity?

What does Chief John Kelly know about terrorism that could hurt or haunt us? I’m sure Kelly on tells people who are on the “need to know” basis and that certainly isn’t the average citizen. We may want that information, but there’s no reason it needs to be in anyone’s hands except the people who are paid to provide security to our country and thwart attacks before they happen.

Hopefully DHS Chief Kelly’s information goes towards protection of American citizens and is used in the best way possible. If his information, whatever it may be, prevents at least one attack, then he’s already saved people. Just don’t forget – terrorists can strike at anytime and anywhere. Always keep your eyes open as needed.