Deputies identify man, woman found dead in Deltona home


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New information on two people found dead in a bedroom with two children inside the home the kids were unharmed good evening I’m Lisa Bell Matt Austin has the night off deputies in Volusia County just identified the man and woman Jonathan Gina ttyn and aquila McCoy were found in a home in Deltona on providence Boulevard that is east of i-4 new Six’s jennifer ortega has been following this story since it broke this afternoon she is live in front of the house tonight Jen what have you found out well deputies cleared out not long ago from the home after a seven-hour investigation now tonight we spoke to some neighbors one man saying he heard yelling and then gunshots we heard when I heard the shot she was yelling after the shot went off and matter second thing here yelling anymore I was thinking to myself I know he pray to God even do nothing stupid this neighbor didn’t want to show his face on camera but tells us it happened so quickly I’ve heard argument heard her scream I yell and whatnot in a non she’s heard one shot one single shot deputies say someone called 9-1-1 for help from inside the home around two o’clock just moments before the shooting that described the call as frantic and barely understandable I don’t know what was going on you know I had just stepped out four minutes in the store and came back and all these spouse was around the house Leslie Burch lives next door and says she would oscy 29 year old Jonathan Janet on in twenty three year old Akeelah McCoy taking the kids a daycare that she never heard any arguing I mean something like this happened right right next door I’m afraid they didn’t see anything we’re here investigators say Gina ton and McCoy were found dead inside the bedroom and the children in the room on the opposite end of the home deputies now looking into this as a murder-suicide two kids want to see the armed parents anymore and this young really young deputies are saying those children are very young between the ages of 2 and 4 and they’re now staying with relatives live in Deltona Jennifer Ortega new set Jim thank you

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