DCS F/A-18C Lot 20 – ATERRIZAJE EN PORTAAVIONES CASE 0 – English Subtitles


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Hey what happen panda? this is Revientor Reborn in DCS with an F18 we have a carrier and we are going to land there, this is not about Case I/II/III this is for my the Case 0 It´s not very difficult, is like a runway, but first I want to tell you some real life things that DCS are not doing it When the carrier knows some plane is comming to land, the carrier get the direction against the wind and It will set maximal speed, why? this in DCS is not happening in Real life this is done to avoid lateral cross winds, because if the pilot have to fight against cross winds and the runway is going up and down due the water… BAD!!! is only for make the things esier, the carrier speed is to make the relative speed Plane/Carrier make it smaller, and make the plane land as slow as it can be if I going to land at 140 kn and the carrier is at the speed of 40knots, is like my plane land at 100knots other consideration, as you can see here I already see the mark in the water of the carrier path Do not get aling with it, behind.

I am way out to the right, and then when in visual you aim for the tower there you can see it in detail you can fly parallen and when in visual with the carrier the final line up our of that, remember the manual do not talk about the landing gear max deploy speed… the F18 landing gear is really heavy and strong, I suppouse in the RL can easily handle 320 knots with out damage but as rounded number for almost all planes, 300 knots I want to shwo you a detail, here you have to activate the HOOK ByPass and set it in carrier now I will show you what happen using field/carrier acording the hook status do not forget set up your DDIs as you need, in the previous tutorial remember the HUD repeter, the FLCS.

Or what you really need here I am going to deploy the Flaps in FULL and the landing gear remember use the TakeOff Trim to get a good aproximation of the trim needed to land, remember I am not sure if this is done in real life also. time to land, speed around 140 knots, remember trim until you get confortable now it´s time to play with the speed to move the FPM and only control with roll Look I am in FIELD mode, for that the AOA is steady, now that I set Carrier, the AOA indexer goes to flashing mode BECAUSE I DID NOT DEPLOYED THE HOOK!!!!! Now with HOOK down the AOA become steady again final line up, aim to the right of the runway, and the FPM way out UP the carrier becuse the carrier is moving that does not mean you are going to hit the water If you are aiming all the time to the carrier you will hit the carrier under the float line/under the water try always aim up the carrier, you can use the stick of course, some trimming here because I am not confortable with the movement of the plane could looks contradictory but because the carrier is in movement is more difficult the first times because you are very get used to land in a fixed position look this, If now Iwas looking to the carrier I will be perfect aligned, remember always aim to the right when try to land, as referend you can aim for the tower because teh carrier is in movement, you are going to be driffting to the left when you are really close you will have to aim for the runway when you are decided to touchdown, try to aim with the FPM ouf of the cable restors, you must look like you are not going to get any restor remember the FPM is aiming where your nose is going to hit, not your back, where you have the hook for that you have to aim for the last cable restor if you aim for the first cable is more difficult to get the link and you normally will have to abort I thing in real life this is not the same, because the HOOK try to get sticky with the ground and here looks like it jumps now I am aiming the tower, up of it ofcourse because the ATC mode is not finished, you can not activate it here to manteain AOA mode like the real plane.

That will make your life easier I have to fix the place because I do not want to aim to the runway… go again to the right and up the HOOK is out, remember the AOA indexed here you can make a strionger landing maximal around 5 but 3 is good enought sorry, this happen when it happens hahaha I am almos not using the stik and the rudder is not used the airbrake you can use it but remember close it before land be careful to use the stick, now AIM to the end of the runway afterburner I get the cable, idle and its done, the landing was kind of awfull because I was too low at the end, but as you saw I landed, it is possible sorry because when I am speaking my movement precision is wors, sorry for that, But I hope you learned how to do it if you are focus you can do it, I did not told you, but with the uncage button, if you set the HUD in caged mode, you will not noted it because you have the wind in front, but remember with the cage/uncage you let the HUD get the wind sensation or not, you need the sensation, uncage it if ther eis too much lateral wind in cage you will se at the same altitude of the FPM other godh FPM that is the real one affected with the wind for land use it as UNCAGE NOW DO NOT FORGET RAISE THE HOOK, FOLD THE WINDS, is really slow movement, andfinally you can move around the deck use the HI -NWS mode, because the carrir speed and the wind, I get that sound do not forget to see my videos of the game CARRIER DECK, there you will learn how to management a carrier remember as a pilot you get the aproximate position and the crew will move the plane to the final correct position look my speed in the screen on the down left, and see the cool effect that my wing tips are generating I hope you learned something, please subscribe for more videos and BE HAPPY!!!! mAY BE A WILL REDO THIS VIDEOS IN THE FUTURE ACORDING HOW THE MODULE GET FINISH.


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