Confirmed: Republicans Prove Russia Didn’t Hack The Vote!

The liberals are not giving up on making Donald Trump’s life any easier. They cannot deal with the fact that he won and that he is now our president, so they are gathering the media again to unite against Trump. Barack Obama does not lift a finger to speak up the truth in this case. Ever since he claimed that Russia had ties in rigging the elections, he has been fueling the fire that should not burn in the first place, since people know the truth.

According to Twitchy: “Why it took this long for President Obama to do something about malicious cyber activity is another question entirely, but credit the White House for stopping short of accusing Russia of “hacking the election,” whatever that means. Does it mean that Russian operatives actually reprogrammed voting machines in Wisconsin by slipping malicious floppy disks into the drive slots?”

According to the headline, Russia did change the final vote outcome by hacking, but it does not imply that leaked information regarding Clinton happened. And this is where all things got confusing since these are two different things to discuss. As a response, the conservatives are gathering to defend themselves against the liberals, and one of the most outspoken people on the subject is Republican Congressman Justin Amash.

This is also what Michigan Rep. Justin Amash stands for as well. As the Washington Post explains, 50 percent of the Democratic voters are convinced that Russia “tampered with vote tallies in order to get Trump elected.” Having in mind that this is totally false, the entire thing is blown way out of proportion. And as conservatives, we are obliged to step out and tell the truth for what it is.