London Mayor Khan Associated With London Bridge Terrorist’s Close Friend On At Least One Occasion

The degree of separation between a murderous Islamic terrorist and a “self-proclaimed moderate Muslim ” can be extremely close at times, perhaps a family member, a brother to brother, or in this particular instance a London mayor’s “close friend” to London Bridge murderer Khuram Butt. It was recently revealed that "self-proclaimed

WATCH: NBC is HIDING This Shock Scene From Putin’s Interview, Watch Before It’s Gone

Recently a flood of “fake news” stories have been brought to light. Fake news is not just a term used for bald-face lying — blatant deception and editing also falls under this category. Megyn Kelly recently had the chance to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin. When NBC aired the interview, they


Pope Francis, leader of the global Catholic church, has been telling his followers that they must reject Trump’s position on immigrants and refugees. According to Pope Francis, Christians have a duty to embrace immigrants and refugees – that’s exactly the opposite of what Trump and modern day Republicans are trying

Sadiq Khan’s Anti-Trump Attitude Gets DESTROYED By Queen Elizabeth… Media SHOCKED

Queen Elizabeth is not putting up with Sadiq Khan’s rhetoric — and the media isn’t saying a word about it. While the far-left London mayor petitioned to have President Donald Trump’s UK visit cancelled, the Queen put his trivial outrage aside and invited the U.S. commander-in-chief anyway. Breitbart reports: On Monday, Press Secretary

THIS MEANS WAR! London’s Mayor Just Stabbed Trump In The Back With What He Just Said…

The war of words between President Trump and London Mayor Sadiq Khan has finally gotten personal. After trading barbs on Twitter since Saturday’s London terror attack, Khan went on Channel 4 News to suggest President Trump’s planned visit to Britain be cancelled. When asked if the visit should be called off

VIDEO: Piers Morgan Grills London Mayor Sadiq Khan: Where Are the 400 Jihadis Still in London? WHERE ARE THEY?

This was magnificent! On the anniversary of D-Day it is good to see that there are patriots in London who still have a spine!Piers Morgan grilled London Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan Tuesday morning on Good Morning Britain. Sadiq Khan is the first Muslim mayor of London. Khan famously said terrorism was “part and

RETRIBUTION: What Putin Said About Trump Last Night Will Make Dems Sweat Bullets

The Democrats were just delt a massive blow last night courtesy of Vladimir Putin and his new buddy, Megyn Kelly. Y’all probably remember how the left loves sayin’ how Putin’s got some dirty info on Donald Trump, right? That’s their whole reason they call Trump a “puppet”. Well, during Kelly’s first

Muslims Everywhere Are Pissed After What Trump Just Said About The Muslim Mayor Of London Following Terror Attacks

President Trump is tired of the politically correct nonsense coming from London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan. The London Mayor seems to be afraid of the radical Islamic terrorists and refuses to throw the hard hammer at them. Instead, the Mayor of London prefers to be politically correct as if not wanting