JUST IN : FBI Has Names of White House Leakers

Reports are just streaming in that the FBI has the names of the people responsible for the White House leaks. This news comes on the heels of Democrats and Washington Post floating a “fake news” story on Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his alleged contact with Russia. According to reports, the CIA

BOMBSHELL: FBI offered to pay British spy to continue investigating Trump Russia connections


In a bombshell report from the Washington Post, it was revealed that the FBI was working in conjunction with a former British spy who was looking into connections between then-candidate Donald Trump and the Russian government. The report states that the higher-ups at the FBI offered to pay former MI6 agent

]Hillary Clinton PANICKING After Damning Footage Leaks – SEE IT BEFORE IT’S DELETED


Millions of Americans have known for decades that the Clintons are lying criminals. This week, this assertion was confirmed when a scandalous video leaked that shows how evil they REALLY are. A Chinese American businessman who illegally fundraised for the Clintons just revealed that he secretly filmed a tell-all video as


Let’s see if liberal media are going to report this… Reports indicate that the Indiana state electoral system endured thousands of hacking attempts this past election season, and none of them involved President Trump or the elusive Russian hackers. In fact, the would-be hackers were a little closer to home. Specifically, the

WikiLeaks Drops BOMBSHELL On John McCain – This Could Put Him In Jail

Arizona Senator John McCain has been speaking out against Donald Trump for months as he continues to show how disloyal he really is to Republicans. However, something was just released by WikiLeaks that exposes McCain as a traitor, so he might not be speaking out about anything much longer… After Trump

WIKILEAKS: Chinese Government Requested SECRET Meeting With Top Clinton Campaign Aides During Campaign


Chinese Ambassador Requested Secret Meeting The Daily Caller is reporting that an email from the leaked Podesta emails shows that members of Hillary Clinton’s staff were in communication with the Chinese Ambassador during her Presidential campaign in 2016. Chinese Ambassador to the U.S., Cui Tiankai, was fairly aggressive about wanting to meet