SPECIAL REPORT: Trump Just Got North Korea To Do EXACTLY What He Wanted Them To

Less than a week ago North Korea was declaring their intention to nuclear strike Guam in defiance to the US. Trump threatened to obliterate them and, despite the left seemingly siding with Kim Jong Un, last night the impossible happened… North Korea has declared they are BACKING OFF threats to Guam! Kim’s official

OH MY: Look Who Just Threatened To Break Into WH With GUNS And KILL TRUMP

Trump didn’t say we are going to war with Venezuela. Everyone familiar with politics and negotiating knows that you never take the military option off the table. That’s all he was doing. It’s politics 101. However, Trump has been criticized by both sides of the aisle for his comments. What else

BREAKING: Army Makes Huge Discovery, Finds What Drug Cartels Have Been ‘Building’ At The Texas Border

By: Christopher Cummings Let’s face it – you probably read the headline and thought to yourself, ‘drugs. It has to be drugs.’ You’d be wrong. It’s much worse. Mind you, it’s not that the drug trade hasn’t caused permanent damage to both Mexico and the US. It’s reason enough in itself to seal

JUST IN: North Korea Replied To Trump’s Warning With Bizarre Answer

On Friday, President Trump stated that all military plans and tactics to respond to any North Korean attack, are already in place. President Trump tweeted that the U.S. is “locked and loaded” and retweeted images from U.S. Pacific Command showing B-1B Lancer bombers on Guam. “WE CONSIDER THE U.S. NO MORE

MUST SEE! Here’s what North Korea would look like if they attacked the United States


Trump just sent North Korea a strong message if they continue to act “unwisely”. A hilarious meme shows what’s gonna happen to North Korean if they continue with their stupid threats. 🙂 🙂    BEFORE:   AFTER: Just a little reminder to little Kim, Obama is not our president anymore … Trump is in the WHITE HOUSE now! 

JUST IN: Trump Warns Kim AGAIN: ‘Maybe Fire And Fury Was Not Tough Enough’

President Trump warned North Korea yesterday that any further provocations or attacks would be met with fire and fury. In response, Kim Jong-Un mocked the President and said that he would fire test missiles into the waters around Guam. Given, I doubt that the little troll’s weapons could get through our